Submit to a Sadist

If you've never submitted to a sadist, you have to give it a try. Can you even imagine how much fun you'll have, kneeling in front of a deeply sadistic Mistress, waiting for Her pleasure, Her amusement, Her endlessly painful...

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Are you like this submissive?

Each Submissive is Different Listen to me tell you about the relationship between a Femdom and a submissive. There is always a lively debate in BDsm circles about who is in charge - the submissive or the Dominant. For experienced kink players,...

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The Bondage Whisperer

ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response I will whisper in your ear about your deep longings to be dominated, controlled, used for my pleasure as I sit on your face and demand entertainment with your tongue. That is the soft side to my...

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Pain or Pleasure

You know that thing in a Western movie where the hero walks in and they ask him what's his poison? Imagine that I'm your sexy bartender, asking you what's your poison. Pain or pleasure? Which one do you prefer? And do you know the difference?...

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Edging You Hard is Total Domination

One of my latest enjoyments is edging you until you can no longer see straight and you forget your name. When you begin to beg for release and I have the power to grant or deny your orgasm, that is an incredible rush!You know how it feels, when the time it...

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