What is Blasphemy?

By reading this blasphemy post you agree to eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell. ON WITH THE SHOW! What is blasphemy? Only the best fun you can have with a heathen and your boner! To put it plainly, it is a lack of respect, or showing contempt toward a...

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Collared Submissive

Do you dream of being a collared submissive to a beautiful Mistress? I bet you do, otherwise, what are you doing here? Go find something else to read, and don't make me waste my time on you. Shoo, unless you're actually interested in being dominated, owned, and...

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My Favorite Domination Methods

I am a dominant Mistress who enjoys many different domination methods. The type of domination I use depends on my mood, your behavior, and many other factors but there are a few things I really enjoy. I often get the question as to whether I am a strict Mistress or a...

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Cock Sucking Addiction

I bet you've at least wondered if you might have a cock sucking addiction. You haven't? Don't worry, you'll wonder about that very question soon enough. Because today, I want to help you foster an addiction to sucking cock. That's right, your task for today, and this...

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Submit to a Sadist

If you've never submitted to a sadist, you have to give it a try. Can you even imagine how much fun you'll have, kneeling in front of a deeply sadistic Mistress, waiting for Her pleasure, Her amusement, Her endlessly painful...

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Are you like this submissive?

Each Submissive is Different Listen to me tell you about the relationship between a Femdom and a submissive. There is always a lively debate in BDsm circles about who is in charge - the submissive or the Dominant. For experienced kink players,...

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The Bondage Whisperer

ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response I will whisper in your ear about your deep longings to be dominated, controlled, used for my pleasure as I sit on your face and demand entertainment with your tongue. That is the soft side to my...

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