Hello, domination fans, Chasity Domination is our focus today. As you may be aware there are many ways I can dominate you. One of the most challenging sessions I receive is those who arrive and announce “Dominate me Mistress” which always elicits a bit of a chuckle. Of course, I will Dominate you, but how? It is a stereotypical ideal that Mistress is capricious and wields her power without deference to her submissive. Although that makes for a fantastic roleplay or porn flick, in reality not so much. After dispelling one myth about Chastity Domination, let’s take a look at Chastity Domination and how it can evolve your Submission.

Chastity Domination

Dominating you with chastity is one way we can play with the power exchange element we are both drawn to. Historically males are conditioned to be leaders. To lead and take charge, of their domain. This will include their own body autonomy, they receive pleasure as they see fit, but also control the world around them. With chastity and other forms of Domination, that script is flipped! I am in control and in control of your most precious jewels: Your Cock, Your Balls, and each stroke and orgasm! But read the “Your” as temporary because when we engage, that cock is Mine, those balls are MY Balls, and every stroke, and orgasm is mine to give, or not.

We can play in fantasy, with a  role-play featuring chastity. What is your favorite fantasy that we can have fun with the hot roleplay? Perhaps me as that capricious Dominatrix!  But if you want a real-time experience of chastity I will require you to we will have to have a bit of a chat first. What will we cover?

chastity domination 18+ Chastity Domination Negotiations

Truth is, it might be quite detrimental to you physically to grab a cheap chastity cage, slap it on, and lock it up for an undetermined amount of time! So we will not be doing that if you are new to chastity. So the first thing I want to know is if you have ever worn one, what style and how long. Was it for a few hours, or days?

How is the fit of your cage? Do you need help selecting a cage?  Often the cage we start with is not the cage you will migrate to. What is your experience with chastity? If you have zero experience then we will take things one step at a time, get you used to your cage first with progressive wear.

What are your expectations with chastity? Push those limits with extreme teases? Push those boundaries regarding long-term orgasm denial. Help you focus on other aspects of your life, instead of that needy cock? Once we discuss your goals and expectations, they become mine! But be forewarned,  I’m excellent at achieving my goals!

Often guys who come to me for chastity do not have unlimited boundaries, meaning there are times you simply cannot wear the cage. I respect and will honor those boundaries but we must trust each other. Meaning I trust you to move from caged chastity to another form of chastity without fail, regardless of your boundaries. After all “No touch” chastity is the oldest and most utilized of “chastity types”.

Chastity Enhances Your Feelings Of Submission

Without a doubt every cock I”ve locked up for the first time, or those experienced in chastity who come to me always say the same thing. It is one thing to have your orgasms and masturbation controlled, but an entirely different level of submission once that cage is on! There is an intangible element that happens when you don’t have free access to your best buddy. Wearing the cage is a constant reminder you are locked and owned.

mature metal chastity cage 18+

Chastity Support

Above all, even if you are caged and locked by your significant other, chastity support is always a service I offer. You need someone to talk with and get some helpful advice, with whatever you need. From working through your emotional challenges to finding the right lube for you to use, all the way to selecting your permanent chastity cage. Yes, you heard that right. Your permanent chastity cage. When most people start with chastity they buy an inexpensive cage. Some are okay, but many will wear and break down over time. It’s always good to have a least two cages, one silicone or other material and a nice metal one. Sometimes it just isn’t practical to be supporting metal between your legs. Your final cage will be a cage that I will instruct you to wear long-term, between releases. It must be well-made and durable. There are many quality cages on the market but I recommend my friends at Mature Metal. Not only because they are a quality cage but because their customer service is stellar. You can read more about My relationship with Mature Metal on my Sexy TIme Recommendations page on my blog.

So, are you ready to try chastity domination? Perhaps you are experienced and now hunger to be locked and owned by me. Excellent! Reach out, email me, comment on my blogs or simply pick up the phone. Let’s talk about locking up that hot cock!

Until I lock you 💋

Domination Mistress Erika

chastity domination

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