Hi there, I have a question for you: Do you ever find yourself going into subspace with your distance domination Mistress during a masturbation or BDSM session? Or have you just heard about subspace from others, and maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about? Well, if either of those things apply to you, then this blog post is for you!

Subspace Is An Altered State Of Mind

Subspace is, at its simplest, an altered state of mind, usually brought about by intense and vigorous BDSM play, although that’s not always the case. It can also be brought on by something that makes you feel particularly submissive, like your favorite Experienced Mistress giving you a command that you hurriedly obey. Subspace can be also compared to the kind of “endorphin high” that long-distance runners and other athletes sometimes experience.

It’s often described to me by my subs as a floaty, almost trance-like state in which everything seems a little softer around the edges. Voices may seem further away than they normally would. It’s usually, but not always, an ecstatic experience. But the important thing to remember here when talking about subspace is that everyone is different, so it manifests differently among different people.

Tips For Collaborating With Your Femdom Mistress In This State

It can be difficult to communicate with your Femdom Mistress while you’re in this state. Again, not everyone has this problem, but many subs find it hard to talk or otherwise interact in subspace because everything is a bit fuzzy around the edges. But it’s definitely worth it to try because I may not even know you’re in subspace if you don’t tell me. And I need to know because my expectations of you will change if I know your mental state is altered. I won’t expect you to do perform difficult tasks or anything like that while under the influence of subspace.

Another good thing to do while you’re in subspace is to just relax. Let your Mistress be in control. After you’ve told me you’ve “spaced,” you’ve done all you need to do. The rest is in my hands.

At this point, you can just immerse yourself in the feeling of subspace and enjoy the scene that you’re in. I’ll make the decisions. Of course I will ! LOL. All you have to do is relish your feelings and enjoy them while they last.

BDSM Aftercare Is Also Important

After our scene is over, aftercare is also very important. This is because if a sub is just abandoned after their subspace experience, there is the possibility that they might experience subdrop later. Subdrop is a dip in mood that occurs after playtime. And the best way to guard against that is with thorough aftercare.

Aftercare can include things like covering you with a blanket, making sure you have something to drink (water or fruit juice), or just talking with you until you’re on a more even keel. As with everything else, people are different and need different types of aftercare after subspace. Ms Erika and I have a whole podcast episode on BDSM aftercare on our BDSM kink podcast The Weekly Hot Spot.

For now, I want to get to know all about your experiences getting into subspace. I have lots of questions, as you can hear in this audio about a Femdom putting you in subspace.

Feel free to comment here or on my personal blog, Experienced Mistress. You can also send an email to Olivia @ enchantrixempire.com. Of course, if you want to talk with me right away, simply pick up the phone and ask for me when you dial 1-800-601-7259.

I can’t wait to get to know you and play.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

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