Tease and denial is good for you, and I can prove it. I bet you’re thinking that’s a bold claim from a fetish Mistress, but science backs me up! If the scientific evidence that edging is good for your heart and overall health doesn’t convince you, we can always come at it from a spiritual point of view. Semen retention as a means of increasing potency, focus, and health has been practiced for thousands of years! Still not enough evidence for you? Well, a good solid tease and edging session will definitely improve your mood and make you feel amazing, and that’s good. Small positive effects over time add up, so just imagine how much overall positive effect you’ll have in a years time if you undertake a daily tease and denial practice today!

Do you know the science behind tease and denial?

There are so many reasons tease and denial is good for you, and the health benefits are really just scratching the surface. Did you know that practicing edging can help prevent premature ejaculation? Prolonged masturbation through tease and delay games can also help reduce your blood pressure over time, and increase your libido overall! What else can a delayed orgasm give you? Well, it can help you with erectile dysfunction issues. Not bad for a dirty little game in the bedroom, right?

Ok, still not sold on trying out a tease game? What if I told you it was better for you on a spiritual level?

That’s right, there are several spiritual practices that advocate for semen retention. Semen retention doesn’t mean you can’t masturbate, just that you shouldn’t ejaculate! What did you think tease and denial was in the end, if not that? The oldest religion on the planet is Hinduism, and within Hinduism is a set of practices called Ayurveda. The health and spiritual benefits of refraining from ejaculation are well documented, with thousands of years of evidence behind them. Still not enough? How about Tantra, or Vajrayana? Through Tantric practices semen retention can be successfully practiced while also still experiencing orgasm. Oh yeah, orgasm and ejaculation aren’t the same thing, and it is very possible for you to learn to orgasm without releasing that load of cum. Once you learn to do that, multiple orgasms are not too far off in your future. And it all starts with some edging!

Maybe you don’t want to have to think of your health, or the state of your qi when you’re jerking off.

That’s very fair. Maybe all you want to do is have a fantastic time masturbating and then finish with a huge creamy mess. I happen to think that even intermittent edging and orgasm denial can have enormous positive benefits for your sexuality, health, and mental outlook. And there’s plenty of evidence that I’m right, too. But you’re a skeptical sort of a person, and selfish in the short term, too. That’s allowable, everyone gets grumpy if they don’t get what they want too often. Consider, however, that by delaying or putting off your orgasm you’re increasing your own pleasure and orgasmic bliss down the line. You’re improving your health. You’re gaining deeper focus and a heightened ability to empathize with others. You’re also deepening your emotional connection to your partner’s needs and desires, and thus improving your relationship. All these positives, and all you have to do is just… not cum, yet.

Brass tacks time: Tease and denial is good for you!

Since tease and denial and a delayed orgasm is so very good for you, and I want to do things to increase your health and pleasure, when you call me up I hereby promise to delay your orgasm for as long as I can. For your own good, of course. I don’t tell you “no, not yet” because it makes me happy (though it does), or because I love to hear you beg for release (even though I really do love that!). I tell you “no, not yet” because it’s good for you. I’m a philanthropist. A giver. Kind, compassionate, and concerned about your long term health! Just remember, when I don’t let you have an orgasm, and keep you hanging right here on the edge, that it’s for your own good.


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Your Tease and Denial Mistress, Harper

xoxo, Harper