Two Mistresses: Intense Submissive Training

Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia Domination BootcampEvery submissive can benefit from Two Mistress Intense submissive training. Two Mistress training is a one-of-a-kind experience. I love to do submissive training with Mistress Olivia. She and I are experienced mistresses who offer a unique combination of discipline, sensuality, and creativity that all submissives require. We specialize in pushing our submissives to their limits and helping them explore new depths of submission.

Intense submissive training can break a submissive out of a rut and challenge him to try something new. We want to show you some new tricks! And since we are experienced Mistresses, playing in the Femdom world for years, we have many ideas, tips, and tricks to help a submissive finally accomplish a tough task!

Wearing Pretty Panties All Day!

In one example of extreme submissive training, Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia instructed one of their submissives to wear pretty panties all day long, even at work. While this may seem like something simple, it was much more! Their submissive had some big mental blocks about being dressed in public, but wanted it so badly! Ms. Olivia and Ms. Delia worked with him over many tough sessions to break down those barriers!

This was a scary challenge for the submissive, as it was not something he had ever done before. Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia took their time and guided the cross-dressing call. They offered tips and tricks to guide his success. Sometimes, when you have a fantasy that you are scared to explore, a strict Femdom is one who will give you the push you need!

Ms. Olivia says that an experienced Mistress will guide you when submissive feelings overtake you. This training session did pushed him to explore his own boundaries around crossdressing and helped him accomplish the task of finally wearing panties for a full day! He was able to finally accomplish this fantasy and make it a new reality!

Fucking a Melon

Fuck a MelonIn another example of submissive training, Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia devised a unique challenge for their submissive that included lots of humiliation! We instructed him to fuck a melon on Skype and then eat his own cum after.

Click for the instructions on how to prep the melon for fucking! The idea was to push him to his limits and explore his own boundaries.

We added an extra bit of domination to this session As Ms. Delia always makes her submissives beg for Mistress! Because our slut was into more public humiliation, we tasked him with writing messages on the melon prior to sending pictures.

We had him send those pictures as proof, and we watched him fuck the melon on Skype, where we were able to take our own snapshots to save!

This training session was an intense and revealing experience for the submissive, and by the end, that melon was ruined, and we had the picture proof we wanted! Have you ever thought of a session where Mistress can watch you? It is intense domination for both body and mind.

Intense Cum Eating during Submissive Training

One of the most extreme examples of submissive training that Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia have performed was with “The Cum Eater”. This submissive was tasked with saving up 100+ loads of cum. He did this over a few months and saved the cum by freezing it and hiding it in a bag of frozen onions! This took lots of time, and the sub was able to check in on Skype while accomplishing the task.

Intense submissive training with Delia and OliviaOnce saved, it was time for a Two Mistress gokkun cum eating session. There was so much cum saved in many containers! Because we wanted proof of the gokkun, we had our session on Skype. Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia love to instruct and train on Skype. It lets us connect to you in a way where we can instruct you and watch as you carry out our instructions.

Together, we counted and looked at the cum, and then our naughty slut began to eat it! Can you imagine eating over 100 loads of cum?

Any remaining cum residue was then dumped over his head to complete the training session. The Cum Eater was then praised and rewarded for his obedience and submission, and he gained a deeper understanding of his own limits, need for cum, and desire to please his Mistresses.

Ms. Olivia and Ms. Delia have explored the cum fetish in a podcast episode you should not miss! As you can see, intense submissive training with Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia is an intense experience that pushes subs to their limits and helps them explore new depths of submission.

Are you looking to explore the world of submissive training? Then look no further than Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia. They specialize in helping their subs explore new depths of submission and gain a deeper understanding of their own desires. Contact us today by calling 1-800-601-7259, and take your submission to the next level. Intense submissive training with Ms. Delia and Ms. Olivia is a unique experience that pushes the boundaries of BDSM and fetish lifestyles. Scheduling with both of us is best, so send an email to and for training you will never forget.


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