Goddess Rachel wants the size queen to take care of their bottom! 1-800-356-6169

That’s a real example of a more advanced second sphincter trainer, by the way. Click the pic to learn more about it!

Are you a size queen? Or do you aspire to be one? A bottom boi who wants to experience not just the long cocks and/or dildos, but the thick ones? Both in fantasy and the flesh?

If so, don’t be foolhardy! Preparation is key!

I understand that for some of you, the desire to take on the biggest strap-ons, cuckold bull dongs, or toys for solo play is irresistible! I want to assure you that like most kink practices, it’s doable, with care! Part of that care is familiarizing yourself with, and training, your second sphincter.

My main mantra is safe, sane, and consensual. Second to that is probably “don’t let your libido be bigger than your asshole”! The commitment to training your second sphincter touches on both of these. The safety and sanity of the former, and, obviously, the entirety of the latter!

Look, you can’t get away from the reality that your asshole is primarily designed as an exit. But that has never stopped anal enthusiasts of any stripe from body hacking it for sexual pleasure or pleasing Mistress. And why shouldn’t they? The prostate is indisputably a potential g-spot, and I am entitled to be pleased!

That said, many get both psychological and physical pleasure not just from stimulating the prostate and obediently offering up their bottom, but from stretching deep. And more to the point, wide!

I know I get psychological pleasure from seeing just how much a slutty bottom hole can gape!

There are cautions to be heeded about taking any toy or cock deeply*, but the biggest size queen challenge is going to be properly preparing the second sphincter.

So, let’s minimize risk for you, and maximize pleasure potential for both of U/s, shall W/e?

W/e’ll start with learning about where everything is!


The anatomy of your ass!


The graphic to the right should help you visualize things, but in plain language, the cute little starfish whose wrinkles I love toGoddess Rachel wants the size queen to take care of their bottom! 1-800-356-6169 iron out is called your anus. The anus is controlled by the external sphincter. The external sphincter is controllable by you! And yes, you turn that control over to Me when I give your ass cheeks a slap and demand that you open up, but I’m mindful of going slow to coax open that internal sphincter.

And it does need to be coaxed.

You see, despite My admonishments about mind over matter, I’m aware, and you should be too, that the internal sphincter is not under voluntary control. It responds to cues from the autonomic nervous system. That’s why you may have heard Me suggest you push out on your slut cave while oozing in with a toy. The need to eliminate is one of the messages from the autonomic nervous system that causes the internal sphincter to relax. You can sometimes trick it into doing so by bearing down, with or without the actual signal.

But in addition to that, preparation and training are essential!

That is, if you don’t want to experience some very unsexy problems in the future!


Keep size queen status sexy!


Goddess Rachel wants the size queen to take care of their bottom! 1-800-356-6169

Here’s another option for those with a bit more modest gaping goals! Click the pic to check it out!

Look, I know talking about medical-esque stuff and preparation for play isn’t nearly as fun as just hopping right to it. Unless you have a medical fetish, that is. But the more you prepare, the more you can surrender in session, without worrying that you’re going to hurt yourself.

Or disappoint Me.

So, click the banner below, and listen to My instructions. Learn how to train and care for that asspussy. Teach it to bend to your will so it can bend to Mine!

It’s a win-win situation. I get to submit your ass for a long time to come, and you get to slide down into subspace as deeply as your little size queen heart desires. All while that internal sphincter remains in your control outside of sessions!


Click above to listen to Ms. Rachel



Goddess Rachel, size queen exploiter!


*The skin of the entire anal tract is VERY delicate. I’ll leave it up to you to Google some of the hazards of not respecting this fact.

**The links for the pictures are affiliate links. If you click on them and purchase either of the toys, I will get a commission. Just for the interests of full disclosure.