There are a number of benefits of orgasm edging that might draw you towards the practice, but there’s a few bonuses to edging that you may be unaware of. While the obvious benefits of increased sexual pleasure and stronger orgasms are well known, the lesser known positives make this practice worth a second look. Even a few minutes of guided edging can result in lasting effects for most! From an increased awareness of the embodied nature of the self to a new attitude of gratitude and service towards a dominant Mistress, there are some psychological effects that come alongside orgasm edging that have to be experienced to be believed! And once you’ve experienced these positive effects, you’re sure to want to add edging games to your regular masturbation practice.

What are the benefits of orgasm edging?

Mistress Harper knows the benefits of orgasm edgingLet’s start with the obvious and well known benefits to edging: increased sexual pleasure and stronger orgasms. On a physiological level, orgasm edging allows you to maximize certain phases of the sexual cycle. Usually, arousal plateaus and peaks in orgasm after a period of stimulation. With edging, arousal does reach a plateau after which typically the peak of orgasm takes place, only in this case, one strives to prevent orgasm for as long as possible, and may even deliberately back down from the peak. This prolongs the arousal and plateau phase, and allows one to build to a second, higher level of arousal and plateau. Done repeatedly, orgasm edging can push a masturbator to new heights of ecstasy and arousal and result in a spectacular orgasm, or even a series of orgasms. A clear positive benefit to the practice, and a good enough reason for most people to try out orgasm edging at least once!

For submissive men, there are even more benefits to edging!

Orgasm edging, delay, and denial can help submissive men feel more deeply submissive to their Mistress. Taken to an extreme, orgasm edging can be combined with chastity and orgasm denial. When a submissive man is denied the ability to cum at all, but allowed to edge again and again, he becomes docile, subservient, and obedient. For many Mistresses, these are traits that are strongly desired, and for the submissive men, reaching deep inside themselves to reach those traits can be helped along with edging practices. Some men find obedience to women difficult to manage, which makes pairing edging and tease games with orgasm denial a perfect means to control and rectify any lapses in submission. For the submissive, edging makes their submission more natural, easier to accept, and brings a level of arousal to their every day submission.

In addition to making submissive men more submissive, there are more benefits.

Some people have problems with chronic masturbation, endless gooning, and an over-reliance on dissociating distractions. Anything which takes you out of the present moment and creates distance between your inner self and your physical body can be less than optimal for ones mental and emotional health. Escaping the present moment, the stresses of daily life, and attempting to numb negative emotions through sexual distractions can be fine for the short term, but over the long term this escapism can lead to less optimal effects. Mindful edging and orgasm denial can be used to bring awareness back to the embodied self, unifying the physical and mental, though care must be taken to ensure that edging itself doesn’t become a dissociation trigger. Turning ones masturbation habits over to the hands of an experienced Mistress can ensure lasting positive results.

Ready to try some orgasm edging for yourself?

The many clear and obvious benefits of orgasm edging should be very clear to you now! Whether you’re looking for help with being present in the moment, an aid to deeper submission to your Mistress, or just a really good mind-blowing orgasm, edging and delay games can really bring your sex life to a whole new level. Ask your Mistress to help you edge yourself today, or call our dispatcher for a recommendation. And of course, you can always ask for me, I’m happy to introduce everyone to the fun and joy of edging!

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