Ms. Phoenix wants you to know how to treat women.How to Treat Women Like Princesses

It has come to my attention that some of you sissy boys don’t understand how to treat women properly… this is a serious matter indeed! Well in order to enlighten you and ensure that all my sisters out there get the love, respect and pleasure they so deserve, I’ve made a list of ten simple tips on how to treat women. And I’m not just talking about pleasing her body— I’m talking about pleasing her mind and soul, too. This isn’t a comprehensive list, just a start. But you better take notes! You never know when I’m going to surprise you with a pop quiz on this subject.

  1. Respect her. This is a no-brainer! A woman is not an object. She deserves your respect and attention at all times. Honor her wishes and always remember that no means no— and she doesn’t owe you any explanations.
  1. Listen to her. Listening = showing respect. Take note of her desires and take the necessary steps to help her achieve them. In addition to listening to what she likes, listen to what she doesn’t like. Take note of this, too, so that you’ll never make her feel uncomfortable. 
  1. Compliment her on more than her appearance. Yes, we women are fine in soooooo many ways. But it’s too easy to simply compliment us on our looks, no matter how hard we work to look a certain way. The next time you fancy a woman, try complimenting her on her kindness, her ambition, her intelligence, her courage, her passion, etc. I promise you that she’ll appreciate this, and it will help make your compliments all the more original and sincere!
  1. Surprise her. Do something unexpected! Keep her excited! Take the initiative without being asked! Whether it’s surprising her with flowers or just writing a sweet note— it’s okay to keep it simple sometimes. The main point here is to never let her forget how special and appreciated she is. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions. Not sure what she likes? Just ask! Want to know her opinion? Just ask! Thinking of trying something new in the bedroom? Just ask! Do keep in mind that your questions should be respectful, and please don’t pressure her if she isn’t ready to give you an answer. 

  Now that we’ve got the basics covered, here are a few *spicier* tips.

  1. Sex isn’t over when the guy cums. This should go without saying, but unfortunately it bears repeating. SEX ISN’T OVER WHEN THE GUY CUMS. There is seemingly lots of mystery surrounding the female orgasm, but it really doesn’t seem that complicated to me. Most women require different stimulation than men, and penetration alone isn’t always enough to get us there. If you truly want to please your woman, then take the time to learn what she enjoys and what she needs to orgasm. If you do, then sex will be 1,000 times better for you and her both! On that note… 
  1. learn how to use your tongue. Seriously. Oral stimulation is a huge source of pleasure for most women. And I think it’s safe to say that most of us women prefer men who are generous… please see tip #6 for reinforcement. 
  1. Don’t be shy about toys. It turns out that toys can be just as fun — if not more fun— for adults! There are so many out there designed to increase pleasure for both men and women alike. Using a toy to get her there doesn’t make you any less competent. On the contrary, it shows that you’re open-minded and dedicated to helping her achieve maximum pleasure. Trust me, that is admirable at the very least, and a big turn on!
  1. Explore her body. While our clits are often the central source of pleasure (side note: it’s got twice as many nerve endings than your penis, and if you don’t what or where it is, then do some damn research!), there are other parts of our bodies with nerve endings. Even the most domineering women enjoy to be teased every now and then. Find out what her points of pleasure are… this could be her inner thigh, the back of her neck, the tops of her breasts…  you’ll both enjoy the discovery.
  1. Give her the chance and confidence to take the lead. It’s no secret that I love to embrace my inner dominatrix, and I’m certainly not shy about expressing all my kinks and all the ways I want to torture you pets. But every woman is unique, and sometimes she may need to feel reassured and encouraged that she is in a safe place to express her own inner dominatrix if she wants to do so. This all goes back to respecting, listening and asking her questions. Offer her the opportunity to take control and be the dominant one. Whether or not she takes you up on that opportunity is her decision, but at least letting her know that she’s free to express herself and her desires is a game- changer and will open up new avenues of pleasure for you and her both. 

  So there are a few of my tips for all you men out there!

I just had to get these off my chest and into writing in hopes that some of you will take note. These may seem boring, but they are oh-so-important in how to treat women. Thank you for reading, and I promise your normal sexy programming will resume soon.


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