pussy worship

You know you want to be under me!

Are you one of those tongue lappers that complains about a kink in your neck and a tired jaw? You need to be trained!

Thing is, when you’re a sub and you’re in oral servitude training, I don’t care if you’re tired or if you’re needing a break. You will be trained to disregard these desperate feelings, trading them for the sweet feeling of satisfaction that comes from worshipping your Mistress.

You are meaningless. Mistress is everything.

You know the idea of your entire existence being reduced to the wetness that is your Mistress is what you’re craving. Life gets very simple when your entire objective is pleasing Mistress through ass and pussy worship. It’s a relief when you get direct feedback from my groans and drips, and if you’re lucky enough to make Mistress cum on your face–well, that is truly intoxicating!

I have many uses for a male face: creampie cleanup, masturbation aid, idle amusement, comfy seating while I watch Game of Thrones (which is especially appropriate, if you ask me).

None of these uses have one damn thing to do with you running your mouth, so why don’t you quit talking and start lapping? Learning not to feel the need to express opinions and ideas can be difficult to deal with, but you’ll learn eventually. Those pesky thoughts just get in the way of you being my pretty boy with a pretty face to mop up my pussy cream.

You’ll get it eventually. Every little bitch has to learn his place, but lucky for you, I’m a very good teacher!

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