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What if I commanded you, to drop to your knees, pull your dick out, and jerk off all over my perfect, soft, smooth ebony feet? Watching hot spurts of your freshly milked sperm drip…. from my toes, all over my red toenail polish. Is your dick hard thinking about paying tribute to my feet by jerking off on them, TO them, as I wiggle my toes in your face? Let’s ramp things up a notch, then. This blog is about ebony foot worship, and cum eating. That means you already know where this is going. But darling… we don’t have to rush. Just sit back, and enjoy the tale of a foot fetishist turned white boi slave.

Ebony Foot Worship – The Duchess’ Feet

How much do you adore me and my gorgeous feet, hmm? Let’s count all the ways I can make you tribute my feet. I am not simply referring to the monetary type, more so, the tribute of your cum shooting and arc across time and space, and landing on my perfect toes. That post nut clarity will fuck with you afterward, and you may wonder: how the fuck did I get to this point in my life, on my knees, begging to pay tribute to Duchess Willow’s feet? Well let’s start with the fact that you were already obsessed with my feet to begin with.

A Perfect Ebony Pedicure

You just happened to be in the nail salon, on the same day I came in for my mani-pedi. Even before I slipped my feet into the warm, soapy water, you were salivating. Watching with envy as the nail tech labored over my soles, exfoliating and sloughing away dead skin. Your mind raced with wonder, what do my feet smell like, after an intense workout, or a long day in leather boots and pumps. It was the end result – after having my feet primped over and lotioned and polished – that was your undoing. And also how you got caught, and invited back to my boudoir.

A Man’s Foot Fetish

I smirked at the way you humbly dropped your head and apologized, knowing you’d be putty in my hands, if I took you in. Over the next four hours, I let you massage, rub, kiss, lick, and smell my ebony feet. You were allowed to suck my toes. And after just that one evening, you were my good little foot bitch. Enslaved as my devoted foot worshiper, and willing to do anything demanded of you, to be allowed the privilege of worshiping my feet.

The Price of Foot Worship

Of course I require much more than simply kissing my feet. You learned the price of such. Like that time I took you to my high school reunion with a collar around your neck and my hand holding the leash. You might be melanin challenged, but you certainly had some red in your cheeks, when I proved to be much more successful than anyone had imagined. I mean, who walks into their homecoming with a white boi on a leash? I do.

Seat Service and Foot Rug

There were many things you were more reluctant to do – at first – like the day you thought you’d be spending the evening kissing my feet, and instead I made you kiss my ass. I trained you in all the ways of a good foot slave, including being more than a foot slave, by introducing you to ebony ass worship. I made you beg to smell the hot sweaty inside of my shoes and sneakers, when I came home, and then after much begging, used your face as a seat, rubbing my panties against your nose and mouth. You do remember don’t you? How I told you, that you were going to be accustomed to all my scents, and bodily secretions, if you wanted to keep worshiping my feet. And you were rewarded, by being my foot rug, and having me stomp and rub my feet on your face.

A More Intimate Tribute Required

The ultimate tribute for the Ebony Femdom, requires a physical sacrifice, from you. Thus how you ended up on your knees, with your dick out, stroking to my feet. Because you were horny, and you desperately wanted to cum, after being taken through your paces. I did help you along, didn’t I? I let you rub your dick against my feet, fuck my feet, and then lick the pre-cum off of them. And right at your climax, I rested my feet in your lap, and watched you ejaculate thick, creamy ropes of cum, all over my toes.

Cum Eating Ebony Foot Worship

A Duchess worthy tribute indeed. Now clean up that mess, boi. No.. not with a tissue, with your tongue. I have to admit, I enjoyed the look on your face, when you realized you would have to lick your cum off my toes. The look of a defeated foot slave, and a triumphant Ebony Queen. You’d better get used to it, boi. If you want to cum at all, I require many more tributes from you, and they will vary in mood and flavor. Coached cum eating is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Ebony Foot Worship Assignment

You’ve got a job to do, now. As of this moment, it’s still Black History Month, so your ebony foot worship assignment will be two fold. First, write a 500 word essay on what you love about a black woman’s feet, and why you want to serve The Duchess. Second, go read a book on black feminism and fetishizing black women. Third, you call me, as a tribute of thanks for me writing this blog post, and enriching your world. The number is 1-800-601-6975 and the name, is Duchess Willow. For further instructions, listen to the audio, included with this blog post. Happy Black History Month, I look forward to playing with you all. Stay blessed.

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