Mean Girl Domination from Your Princess Britany

Your little penis has been discovered…by ME! Princess Britany! Sweet little valley girl by day, and a strict condescending whip wielding Dominatrix by night! Valley girls are spoiled Princesses by nature and have a talent for small penis humiliation, sissy training, and orgasm denial. How often do you stroke you teenie peenie in the closet. I’ll bet you imagine me locking you in there and wearing that key around my neck.

So here is my plan. Taking you to a party wearing nothing but a pink sissy collar. You discover you will be the only male, a naked one to entertain Princesses who want to see you tiny little cock enhanced with a tight cock ring. Of course you will dance and entertain us as we sit there clothed to the nines sipping vodka tonics. You get a Shirley Temple of course because you are the focus in this CFNM party.

You Must Obey Princess

For your honor, we all have riding crops giving your bare bottom a brandishing as you dance by. Surely you must feel important. This party is in your honor of course, and you have some friends joining us really soon. A few new boys are dropping by and they are going to teach you dancing sissy style. That’s right, pretty pink lacy panties for you to dance in. Wasn’t that what you always wanted? Of course! You do it for Princess. The reason is your submissive to a tall blonde amazon who knows how to humiliate you in the meanest possible ways. More and more will come your way. Look forward to it!


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