What does Goddess worship mean? Well, that depends on the personal tastes of your Goddess. I, for example, love gifts, which you can procure for Me from My wishlists here and here. You can also express your devotion to Me in session. Verbally, or better yet, through obedience.

But you’ve heard all of those suggestions before. Today, I propose something new.

You see, the general umbrella under which Goddess worship falls is “anything that pleases Her”. This is why men love spoiling Me, but I’m always trying to get across the fact that there are many ways to do so.

I’d like to introduce you to one that either you or I can share with the whole world:

Meme Me.

Yes, I realize that phrase doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of devotion in power exchange, so perhaps think of it via the more neutral term, “caption”.

Captioned photos are very popular on social media. They often catch My eye. Yes, I want you to focus first and foremost on My instructions and desires in phone sex domination sessions, but knowing that a particular image of Me functions as a sort of talisman that you return to again and again is very gratifying.

Consider it Femdom iconography of sorts!

Except that I’m proposing that you personalize it even more, by adding text.

What kind of text is evocative of Femdom Goddess worship?

Read on for suggestions!


Goddess Worship is about Her.


Or rather, about ME, in this case.

Are the words you’re applying to the photo of Me in keeping with what you know of Me and My kinks and fetishes? I would be insulted if you were to take a photo of Me and besmirch it with words that have nothing to do with the types of things that turn Me on, even if they arouse you.

Mistress Rachel invites Goddess Worship in a whole new way! 1-800-356-6169

This is a meme a subbie made, unsolicited but still appreciated!

For example, I am never submissive. Hell, I don’t even offer exploration of the girlfriend experience in session (not that I intend to kink shame). So if you were to take a photo of Me and caption it with something that portrayed Me as some kind of fuck doll, or as if W/e were equals . . .

Suffice it to say that this isn’t Goddess worship in MY book. It’s the projection of your tastes onto Me, topping from the bottom, and you know that’s seldom welcome.

All in all, consider the reaction you’d like to get. Would you like to see Me smile warmly, or turn up My nose, and then turn My back?

Here’s a hint–if you go for the former, you can almost never go wrong!


You can be kinky in My Goddess Worship!


Even vulgar!

I don’t mean to suggest by the above paragraphs that the language you use needs to be stodgy. That would be as little characteristic of who I am as a Mistress as portraying Me alongside kinks that I’ve expressly stated I don’t like (or that anyone who’s paid enough attention to who I am to offer Goddess worship in the first place). I can be a cruel Mistress, a simply strict Mistress, or a sensual Mistress. I can even channel My inner brat. And I have all the variations in vocabulary that go with each mood.

Let’s face it: I’m an eloquent vulgarian at heart. If you’ve heard a term come out of My mouth, or seen it in writing authored by Me, I will not be opposed to seeing it in print next to, around, or underneath My face and/or body.

But don’t limit yourself to direct quotes. If you know Me well, or you’ve paid enough attention, you are welcome to caption a photo of Me with something you wish you could hear Me say, or have fantasized about Me saying.


And then?


Mistress Rachel invites Goddess Worship in a whole new way! 1-800-356-6169

Here’s another example! It’s a delightful surprise to see what different images evoke!

And then, well, let Me see it!

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can attach pictures in the comments section. But you can send it to Me via E-mail: Rachel@enchantrixempire.com. Further, you can send it to Me via Skype, but you’ll need to add Me first if W/e aren’t contacts there already: enchantrixrachel

At the very least you will get a warm “thank you”. And really, Goddess worship shouldn’t take into consideration what you deserve in return. But if I really like it, I will either share it on social media, or invite you to do so yourself.

Similarly, if I don’t care for it, I will laud your effort, and point out what failed to please Me about it. Please accept this, if it occurs, as a correction from your Mistress, who wants you to be the best submissive you can be, including with regard to Goddess worship.


One rule.


A very, very small number of My long-term, regular playmates have received pictures of Me that include views I have shared with them for their private devotion only. They usually involve parts of Me on full, naked display. If any of you are reading this, you can certainly make a meme with the photo, but they are still for private “reflection” only, not for public consumption.

I may love it, but I will not be sharing it on social media, and you do not have My permission to do so either.

You can’t really say you’re devoted to Me if you won’t protect My privacy or you’re willing to betray My trust, can you?

Well, now that W/e’ve got that settled, here is a link to My gallery. But you are invited to pick a photo you’ve seen elsewhere around the Empire as well, if different from these.

Click the banner below to listen to instructions and tips, and then give it a whirl!

I can’t wait to see these displays of the impression I’ve made on you!



Goddess Rachel, Awaiting your Goddess worship!


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