If you’re into being dominated by strong, sexy women, and yet haven’t tried some cuckold humiliation fantasies, what’s holding you back? A little light humiliation can really make a submissive man feel like he’s where he belongs, and there’s nothing quite so embarrassing as watching a man do what you can’t! In addition to feeling like you’ve been replaced in the bedroom, a cuckold humiliation scenario can make a pathetic worm like yourself feel replaced in the rest of the household, too. Don’t forget, of course, the joy of truly submitting to your Mistress’ demands as you kneel before her lover and do what must be done! When you’re asking yourself if cuckold humiliation is right for you, the answer is yes, of course it is!

Do you know where you belong in life?

Is Cuckold Humiliation Right For You? 800 601 7259Sometimes it’s pretty easy for a submissive to get the wrong idea stuck in his head. After all, social media screams day and night about ‘real masculinity’, and how you’re ‘supposed to’ act. That if you’re not performing your role in the household correctly, you’re failing at life. You’re a man! Stand up! Be the man, tell the little lady to go make you a sandwich! And yet, deep in your heart you know that you’re not that sort of a man at all, are you? You’re the sort of man who loves to see his partners happy and fulfilled, even if that’s not with you. You’re the sort of fella who likes to clean the house, and cook a good meal, and make sure everything’s perfect for his wife’s date with her lover. There are more types of masculinity than social media would have you believe. If you kneeling for your wife makes you happy, do that. And if being a little bit embarrassed by her big strong lover makes you happy, do that, too! Even if it’s humiliating to kneel for your wife’s lover, like a cuckold, it’s worth it when you’re right where you belong.

Traditional family values says what?!

Those screaming heads on network news stations would have you believe that embracing happiness and sexual desire leads to the destruction of the traditional family structure. There’s a saying I like, that goes “If a thing can be destroyed by the truth, it should be.” In this situation, if traditional family values and structure can be destroyed by a little happiness, it really should be! Let your wife’s boyfriend move in, and say goodbye to that traditional life. Let your wife be happy, let yourself be happy, and say ‘fuck it’ to maintaining a pretty and sad lie. You know that waking up in your bedroom (the smallest one, down the hall), to hear your wife being fucked by her lover, would be really fantastic. You’d blush and quiver in humiliation as she cuckolds you in what used to be your own bedroom! You’d have to go down the hall to the small bath to get ready for your day, while her screams of ecstasy echo down the hall. Go make breakfast in bed for both your wife and her lover, and embrace your cuckold humiliation lifestyle.

Cuckold humiliation can be sexual, too.

Embracing your place in the new household structure can go beyond just sleeping down the hall and making breakfast. Forget traditional masculinity and gender roles entirely, and let go of your sexual identity strictures, too. Statistically speaking, the odds are good that you’re not nearly as completely straight as media and our society has you thinking you are. You’re probably a little bit bi, and it’s time to embrace that part of yourself. Cuckold humiliation and the demands of your Mistress can help you break free of the restrictions and rules of how you’ve been raised, and allow you to experience the deep beauty of kneeling for a cock. That’s right, the real end point of cuckhold humiliation in a BDSM relationship is to have you on your knees sucking dick. Don’t worry, it won’t actually end there, because that ‘little bit bi’ is going to expand rapidly once the first crack in the damn appears; from sucking cock it’s just one small smooth slippery slope to getting pegged and fingered, and then you’re flat on your back with your legs spread before you know it!

Is cuckold humiliation for you?

The answer is yes, obviously, but if you’ve read this far and are still wondering if it’s right for you, why not give it a try and see? Before you approach your wife or girlfriend about opening up your relationship, give us a call and have a little roleplay around the idea, or try an audio porn fantasy! If you get hard at the thought, and cum while contemplating sucking your wife’s pussy juice off a big cock, that’s pretty empirical evidence that cuckold humiliation is right up your alley! Adding even the idea of your wife cuckolding you to your games in the bedroom can bring huge dividends for you. Embrace the burn of the embarrassment, the humiliation, and the deep desire to see your wife orgasm twelve times on a giant cock. Be a cuckold husband!

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