Do you dream of being a collared submissive to a beautiful Mistress? I bet you do, otherwise, what are you doing here? Go find something else to read, and don’t make me waste my time on you. Shoo, unless you’re actually interested in being dominated, owned, and collared. Still here? Good. You may just make it, but, let’s put you through a few tests first, just to see if you really have what it takes to be a fully owned submissive.

What you think a collared submissive is may be very different from reality.

Harper's Collared Submissive 800 601 7259A lot of guys love to jerk off to the idea of being a collared submissive. They picture themselves, toned and sleek, wearing a collar and leash, and being turned on and sexually submissive to a beautiful and domineering woman. When a man thinks of himself in a sexual fantasy like this, he automatically puts his own sexual needs front and center. Luckily, this is just a fantasy, and most Mistresses will quickly train a would-be submissive to put his sexual needs last. But, the difference between reality and fantasy goes a bit further than just who’s desires are indulged first.

In submission fantasies, guys tend to ignore all the pesky details like set-up and cleaning afterward. The fantasy exists sole and isolated, a perfect microcosm of erotic energy, unattached to the greater outer world. If you want to be a collared submissive, you’d better pull your head out and get to work figuring out not just how to put your own needs to one side, but how you can best anticipate your Mistress’ needs in all things. This means you need to work on your situational awareness and observation skills, as well as your household management skills.

I bet you never thought being a submissive meant being a housekeeper…

Remember, that in this case, I’m writing here about a collared submissive. A submissive person who has agreed to be owned, for however long, and to serve a Mistress in all ways. Some D/s relationships don’t involve long term collaring, and that’s fine! But, if you want to be collared and owned by a Mistress, you’ll want to make sure that whatever She requests of you you’re able, willing, and capable of providing. For myself, for example, you’ll need to know how to mix a surface cleaner from concentrate, how to clean literally every surface, what concentration bleach is best for sanitizing the dungeon, and you’d better go ahead and brush up on your blood borne pathogens just in case. I like to play rough sometimes.

A good collared slave will keep track of the needs of the household for me, and anticipate my needs.

Harper October Mistress Of The Month October 2020 8006017259I mentioned situational awareness, observation skills, and household management skills. Here’s a test for you: how many rolls of TP are in your house, right now, and when will you need to get more to ensure you won’t run out? If you can’t answer that question, you’re bad at the sorts of skills I require.

If I use latex condoms, which lube should I have on hand: a silicone based lube, a water based flavored lube, or Mistress Daphne’s favorite, Crisco? The right answer gets you closer to being a collared slave, the wrong answer gets you a ticket to the sidewalk.

One more question. How often should you wash the bathroom towels for Me?

Can you anticipate my needs? Have you been paying attention in your own life, and do you have the skills needed to be useful to me in ways that don’t involve you simply stripping naked and showing off how horny you are? Being a collared submissive or collared slave is a whole lot more than just whatever ten minute porno you watched last night. I need to know you’re serious about this, and ready for all the little tasks that being collared will bring you. Do you have the fortitude needed to clean off the spanking bench, keep the condom cabinet well stocked, and then come rub my feet, all while knowing I’m probably not going to fuck you? Can you really put your sexual desires second to what I truly need?

If you’ve got what it takes, I’d love to talk with you sometime.

Drop me a line, maybe you could be a collared submissive to a domineering Mistress, and do some tasks for me. How’s your secretarial skill set, btw? Listen to this audio for more instructions.

Your Dominant Mistress, Harper

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