Ms Hunter says Good Mistresses are Both Strict and Sensual (800) 601-6975I am a dominant Mistress who enjoys many different domination methods. The type of domination I use depends on my mood, your behavior, and many other factors but there are a few things I really enjoy.

I often get the question as to whether I am a strict Mistress or a sensual Mistress and the honest answer is, both!

I can be very sweet and sensual and I can be strict and domineering depending on the situation.  Sometimes I give strict instructions in a sweet and sensual tone and other times I can use seemingly sensual words but make them sound strict and harsh.

In my honest opinion, the best Mistresses are a bit of both and most submissives need a bit of both types of domination at different times.


Alternating Between Strict and Sensual Domination

Strict and Sensual Domination with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Often, a submissive will say they prefer a strict Mistress or they prefer a sensual Mistress but I believe it is important for the Mistress to be both sensual and strict, depending on the circumstances. There is a misnomer out there that a strict Mistress is the same as a mean Mistress but they are two different things.

Being strict means being firm in your expectations.  There is a big difference between being firm and being mean and cruel.  I am firm in my expectations; therefore it could be said that I am strict, however; I  am not mean and cruel- unless you ask for it. I am normally sensual in tone and style.

For this reason, I dread the question “are you strict or are you sensual” because, to me, the answer is “both!”  They are not and should not be treated as mutually exclusive.


Domination Methods: Humiliation

Humiliation as a Domination MethodHumiliation can be both overt and implied.  Both styles of humiliation have their place.  Some people say they do not like humiliation at all, though their fantasy involves an inherent, underlying humiliation that they probably do not wish to admit.  Others crave direct, sometimes brutal humiliation.

Though many choose not to see it, almost every fetish and paraphilia has some form of humiliation, implied or otherwise.  Sensual humiliation tends to be more implied and delivered with sweet-sounding innuendo and other implied humiliation while strict humiliation tends to get straight to the point and oftentimes involves name-calling and other extreme humiliation and domination methods.

Whether humiliation is your main kink or whether it’s used to enhance your main kink, I love humiliation and being a humiliation Mistress. I can be as sweet sounding and dripping with sarcasm or as cruel and sadistic as the situation calls for. The best humiliation is painful pleasure.


Domination Methods: Body Worship and Boot Worship

Boot Worship as a Domination MethodBody worship and boot worship are also domination methods I enjoy.  Body worship can be a main kink- especially if you have a foot or leg fetish but most of the time body worship is incorporated into other kinks as a way of asserting dominance over the submissive.

Sometimes body worship is used as a reward. Perhaps you are allowed to cum on her feet and lick it off her pretty toes.  Maybe, you are given the privilege of worshiping her ass. Just the act of touching Mistress in any kind of a way should be seen a privilege and is usually something to be earned.

Other times, body worship is used as a punishment, such as Queening and face-sitting with breath-play.   While it is certainly a privilege to service Mistress orally, when it is thrust upon you brutally and without warning, it doesn’t feel like a privilege. Instead, it feels more like a punishment.  This is one of my favorite methods of punishment because it is such a dichotomy.  On the one hand, oral servitude is such a privilege but on the other hand, when you have no idea when she will let you up for air or for how long, it becomes a punishment

Boot worship can also be a privilege and a punishment and adds an extra layer of humiliation on top of body worship.  The fact that you aren’t good enough to even lick her feet so you have to clean her boots and hope she will eventually let you work up to servicing her bare feet is quite prominent.

Domination Methods: Acts of Service

Acts of Service as a Domination MethodActs of service is another form of domination I enjoy. Acts of service is almost never a standalone kink and is usually an additional component to some other main kink such as feminization and/or humiliation.

The specifics of acts of service varies depending on the situation but typically include things like sissy maid service, running errands, personal care (massaging, bathing, laying out clothes, etc.,) and even earning money for Mistress as an escort.

Acts of service can sometimes be a standalone kink but is usually used to enhance other kinks.  As with pretty much all fetishes, humiliation is inherent in acts of service, even if it is never openly discussed.

Typically, acts of service are a way to please your Mistress and stay in her good graces but sometimes, acts of service can be used as a punishment- particularly if she tells you to scrub the floor with your toothbrush or some other equally, overtly humiliating act.


Domination Methods: Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment as a Domination MethodCorporal Punishment is another domination method I employ from time to time. Sometimes, corporal punishment is a main kink, but as with most other domination methods mentioned here, it is typically combined with other kinks and fetishes as the situation warrants.

Corporal punishment refers to anything that causes the submissive physical pain so there are many different ways to dole out corporal punishment though it most typically refers to spanking or paddling.

When it comes to spanking and paddling, there are many, many different implements that can be used, depending on the situation.  Sometimes it depends on the severity of the misstep as to which is used, other times, it depends solely upon whatever the Mistress feels like doing.

If a submissive truly enjoys a certain type of spanking, such as, say, paddling- it is up to the Mistress to use another spanking implement the submissive does not enjoy if she is using spanking as a form of punishment.  Otherwise, spanking can also be used as a reward, when the submissive enjoys it and has been on very good behavior.


Combining Methods of Domination

There are all sorts of nuances to every kink and fetish but typically many different types of kinks overlap and work together.  A good Mistress will sense which type of domination fits the situation and adjust accordingly, always looking for ways to push those limits just a little more.

Sometimes, she will try a new domination method only to find it isn’t really something you enjoy so she reassess and goes in another direction.  Even if it isn’t something you enjoyed at that particular moment, she has planted the seed, and it is likely just a matter of time before those D/s boundaries start expanding in that direction.

If there are any of these domination methods you haven’t explored or thought you would not enjoy, I encourage you to discuss them with your Mistress and perhaps, dip a toe in the water, so to speak, to see if it just may be something you enjoy, after all.

There you have it, pets- some of my favorite a methods.  Click on the link below to get your domination assignment.

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