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I know we give you men a lot of grief about mansplaining to women, and assuming that women don’t know what we’re talking about… and then getting either ignored or cussed out. However, I have, myself, invented positive mansplaining in the realm of the Ebony Femdom. Because in the BDSM and kink universe, we are always learning, no matter if you are the Dominant or the submissive, or like me, a switch.

Positive Mansplaining – Teach The Ebony Femdom About Your Kink

Which is why I invite my callers  – das YOU – to teach the Ebony Femdom all the things about your kink that you love. Think of it as kinky show and tell. This is not exclusive to men, if you’re a woman, cis, trans, gender fluid, you are also welcome to be enthusiastic about your fetish, and educate a Domme, if you will. I don’t see this as redactive or insulting. The BDSM and LGBTQ communities are educational, just like any vanilla community. And we could all stand to learn more about sexuality in terms of what arouses us.

The Kink Friendly Education System

Kink as a learning modality, is nothing so unheard of. If more people talked about the things that turned them on, we might learn a lot more about human nature. With this in mind, when I started my journey into adult entertainment, I was a vanilla phone sex operator. I knew nothing about BDSM when I started, and through the world of phone sex, I was able to learn quite a bit about men, their kinks, and my own. There were fetishes that existed, that I didn’t even know had names. So there are some cases, where mansplaining is acceptable. And one acceptable case of mansplaining – is when you’re horny and you want to get off, and you want your Mistress, to know which direction to lead you in.

Kinky Positive Mansplaining

If you have ever heard the old adage: “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” it applies to phone kink, too. If you walked into a room with a Dominatrix, and just expected her to read your mind, you might be in for a not so enjoyable experience, if she goes in a direction that is completely left of your interests. This is why it’s important for Dominants and submissives alike, to vet their playmates. Surely you need to take into consideration your safety.. which means you have to stop stroking your erection, long enough to communicate. The same applies to phone sex companions.

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Shy Kinksters on the Phone… A Grievance

Hearing a grown man tell me to “guess” what he’s thinking, or one who expects me to read minds like a 900 psychic, makes me envision flying bricks and fatal concussions. If you don’t enjoy being berated or humiliated as part of your kink, I would advise you speak the fuck up, when talking to me about why it is you’re calling. Because while I have no problem humiliating bitch ass white bois, I would prefer to hear from you, what brings you to serve and Ebony Femdom. And if you’re a Dominant male, we need to have a whole other conversation about me switching, because I have no problem telling you what’s not going to fly.

I Love Talkative Phone Partners

And there are many things I’m sure you could teach me, if you are feeling chatty about your kink. So where you can start, is by thinking about these questions:

How did you discover your fetish? What do you love about your fetish? Give me an example of your fetish in action. Use your words. And honestly, I prefer a chatty caller, who is excited about their fetishes and want to share. In exchange, I’d be more than happy to share my own favorite kinks, with you.

Positive Mansplaining: Phone Sex Assignments 1-800-601-6975

The Ebony Femdom email and texting package is a great addition to your BDSM training, when you can’t call for phone sex with The Duchess. 1-800-601-6975

Positive Mansplaining with The Ebony Femdom

This is my phone sex anniversary month, and fourth year at LDW. I began my journey with Enchantrix as a Virtual Mistress, which is probably why you hadn’t seen me for the first year or so. However, with the expansion of the services I offer, you are now able to call me, even if you’re not into phone sex gaming and virtual 3D role playing. So if you would like to be rewarded for sharing your kink experience with me, and would like a phone sex session, call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Duchess Willow. I’d like to also take this time to let you know that I have phone sex audios for sale, I make custom erotic audios (and virtual 3D erotic gaming videos), and if you cannot call, you can purchase a sexy texting session, or order my new email and texting package, from phone sex assignments. Just follow the highlighted links. Please email me at willow@enchantrixempire.com if you have any questions, or custom inquiries. Enjoy your holiday season, stay safe, and stay blessed.

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