There is a space where what you want and what I need meet, and in that space we can have so much fun together. Let me tell you what I want from you: your total and abject submission. If that stirred up some emotion in you, well then we can talk about it, because that was a need in you responding to my words. You need to submit to the will of a strong dominant woman, don’t you? Of course you do. That’s what brought you to this blog, your ongoing and deep need to submit and be dominated sexually. Of course, your total and abject submission is a really broad and expansive field, so let’s narrow our focus a little bit…

When I say I want your total submission, I mean I want you to trust me with yourself.

Submission Assignment Harper 800 601 7259I want you to do the hardest thing in the whole entire world. I want you to be honest with yourself and with me, and to tell me what you need. You might think this is some superficial ‘I need to get off’ game, but it isn’t. What I really want from you is the deepest, most hidden and dark desires of your heart and soul. I want you to bare yourself, to get vulnerable and open, and to communicate honestly about what really drives you, feeds you, and makes you feel most blessed and happiest. Do you need to be bound and whipped, so that you can feel your emotions more fully? Teased until you can’t take it anymore, and break into a thousand pieces that somehow come back together again healed and whole? What is your deepest need?

I want to know exactly what you need.

To that end, I have a submission assignment for you! I know that part of you will be resistant to following through on my instructions, and that’s because I really am asking you to do the hard work here. It’s scary and intimidating to get this honest and vulnerable with yourself, much less to open up like this to someone else. So let’s start there: acknowledge to yourself that this is hard and scary. Get yourself a journal that you can keep private and safe, and start out by writing a bit about how being vulnerable makes you feel.

Oh, did I just give you a written submission assignment? I did!

Submission Assignment Mistress Harper 800 601 7259You’re gonna journal, bitch! Write about vulnerability, honesty, and need. How does it make you feel to contemplate being vulnerable? Does it scare you? Excite you? Make your dick twitch? Write it down. Use words on paper to explore yourself, until you feel like you have a pretty good handle on what’s going on inside your own head. Is it a good thing to be vulnerable? Can you get to the point where you can see that vulnerability is a very good thing? Can you even get to the place where you recognize your deeper needs at all?! That’s the end goal: you need to be able to see what you need before you can begin to ask for it.

What is the root of your submissive desire?

Your task for me is to ultimately figure out what you really need from a Mistress, from life, from the people around you, in order to be happy, whole, and healthy. What do you really need, deep down inside? Figure that out. Then, tell me. What do you need from me? Where does what you need, and what I want and can offer, where do those things meet up? The collaborative nature of BDSM and kink means that you knowing your needs is only half of the equation. Once you know what you really need, then we can work together to create something awesome. What can I offer you, that will help meet your deepest needs?

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Your Domination Mistress, Harper

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