If you’ve never submitted to a sadist, you have to give it a try. Can you even imagine how much fun you’ll have, kneeling in front of a deeply sadistic Mistress, waiting for Her pleasure, Her amusement, Her endlessly painful pleasurable torment to begin? I can, and I love the look on your face when I finally get to let that sadistic side of me out to play. I want you to contemplate, just for a moment, exactly what I could do to you, and how far I can push you, when you finally come to me and submit. Got that mental image nice and firm in your head? Good. Now I’m going to explain to you all the ways in which you’re wrong, and yet also so very right at the same time.

Submitting to a sadist is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Submitting to a Sadist 800 356 6169If you’ve never dropped to your knees before a sadistic Mistress, I bet you have a few preconceived ideas about how things will go. The stereotype of a sadist that gets flaunted all over TV and movies is of a super spooky super-villain reveling in the pain and humiliation and gore of a violent and messy crime scene. A sadist, so sayeth the media, is a person who orgasms at the sight of a little spilled bodily fluids, and can’t help but act on their violent and cruel fantasies. The media, and our TV and movies, and the script writers churning out endless reams of terrible blue prose, are all really, really wrong.

A sadist is not the caricature you’re thinking of.

If you’re looking for someone to submit to that will just take and take from you, leaving you broken and empty afterward, a sadist can seem like a good choice. The trick is, you need to say that up front to the sadist, because some of us are ethical sadists. The super villain meme of a sadist is a person with no ethics, who will view other people as things to use and discard. Not all sadists are unethical super villain cartoon characters!

Before you kneel before a sadist, or anyone else in the dominant role, you need to prepare yourself!

Get ready for your encounter with a sadist by first engaging in some introspection. What do you want from your sadistic session? What do you bring to the table? HoSubmitting to a Sadist Harper 800 356 6169w can you meet the other desires a sadist may have? And, are you treating a sadist like a pain dispensing machine that only exists to give you the extreme sensations you crave?

Here’s how a session with a sadist can look:

A sadist like myself prefers to provide extreme sensations within a framework of mutual consent. Therefore, you need to know what you want, and how far you want to go. Do you really want to be dominated until you cry and beg, then left that way as I leave you? Do you need to be given an erotic spanking, or an extreme spanking, really punished for your desires, made to face your own deviance and darkly depraved nature? Get really deep with yourself, and then be as honest and open with me as possible. I’ll meet each and every one of your desires, exactly as you’ve laid them out to me.

Here’s your pre-sadistic session homework.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (and really, you’d better fucking accept it if you know what’s good for you) is to get some paper and a pen and write out what you want and need, in detail. Use bullet points to keep yourself organized, and try to prioritize what you really need, what you absolutely require, and what you’d enjoy but isn’t necessary. Boil your fantasies down to three main points. Write out your points the way you’d craft a thesis statement: clear, concise, and precise. If you come to me, as your sadistic Mistress, with anything other than these exact instructions carried out as I’ve explained, you’ll really get it.

And by ‘it’ I mean ‘not at all the session you were hoping for, kinda disappointing all around, and a little bit upsetting, too.’ Follow my express instructions so that you can explain exactly what you want and need from me! Use emotional language, tell me about the dreams and fantasies that underlie your desires, give me something to work with here!

In a sadistic and cruel session, I may ask you to stimulate yourself.

Gather your toys and tools, and test them all out on yourself. Your tolerance for sensation and pain, and pleasure, can change over time. The weather, your mood, even what you ate last night can all effect how a sensation is perceived in your brain and mind. Therefore, your next assignment is to try out your toys and tools before you call me for a session. If a certain ruler is too much right now on your inner thighs, put it to one side, or ask that I only use that on your ass, or calves. If you can’t take a ball stretcher, let me know! Make sure, also, that all your tools are in good condition, and ready to use. Nothing is worse than hearing that you have a toy, only you didn’t wash it after last time so now it’s ruined.

So you’ve got your session task list, what are you waiting for?

If you want a sadistic session, follow my guidance to have the best possible session. First, get very clear about what you want and don’t want. Check your toys and tools to make sure you’re up to them, and also that everything is in good condition and ready to use. Lastly: pick up your phone, or log into Skype, and give me a damn call! I can sit here being sadistic and sexy all day long, but it means nothing if you don’t come to me, kneel, and present yourself. When submitting to a sadistic Mistress, the most important part, the single thing that cannot be skipped over, is to actually submit!

I’m waiting for you, so get your act together and submit to me.

Your Sadistic Fetish Mistress Harper

Fetish Mistress Harper 800 356 6169




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