Goddess Rachel is a Coerced Bi Bully! 1-800-356-6169

Like that little play on words?

Coerced bi fantasies are one of the most popular kinks among My femdom phone sex playmates. I bet you thought you were alone in your fantasies, huh?

Maybe you thought there were plenty of guys who were bisexual, even secretly bisexual, but didn’t know that so many, like you, are mostly or even only interested in cock when there’s a dominant woman somewhere in the mix to manipulate you into servicing it, whether you’re sure you want to of  your own volition or not!

But I assure you, there are plenty.

So what’s stopping you from getting in touch to confess?

Sucking cock for Mistress

This is probably the most popular interface about which the coerced bi kinkster fantasizes. Maybe it’s because a lot of men can convince themselves that they’re not gay if they suck cock, but once they take it in the ass, well, game over. Don’t ask Me how they do the mental gymnastics on that one, if they do.

For others, it’s not about whether or not it makes them gay, it’s that they want to be coerced into facing their proxy cock lust head-on, literally. Maybe subconsciously they feel that if they’re on their elbows and knees, facing away, it will allow them to deny what Mistress has convinced them to do on some level.Goddess Rachel is a Coerced Bi Bully! 1-800-356-6169

I think the largest group enjoys the specter of sucking cock for Mistress because they love the idea of Her kneeling down right behind them, maybe with a hand on the back of their head, pushing it forward, as she whispers in their ear.

So, is it coerced cocksucking that’s going to have you ringing Me up soon?

Assfucked for Mistress

Or maybe it’s going all the way. Maybe your fantasies (or nightmares, even if they make your own cock hard) focus around a Mistress making it imperative that you open both your holes for cock.

Maybe you desire the uncertainty about your sexual orientation that might come from getting on all fours, both sucking and fucking, while Mistress stands by and laughs at your helplessness against Her iron will. Especially if your cock is hard while your ass gets turned into a pussy for Her.

Neither one makes you gay . . .

Not necessarily, anyway. *wink*

Coerced bi fantasies are unique that way, because it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. When you call for a coerced bi fantasy, whether it be roleplay or storytelling, it’s about what I require of you, and the fact that you’re going to do it for Me, for one reason or another, no matter how you feel.

Now, if it makes you cum harder than you ever have before, that’s another matter.


What are you waiting for? Sooner or later, you’re going to give in and call Me, just as sooner or later you’d give in, and get on your knees.

Shall W/e explore further?


Goddess Rachel, Coerced Bi Bully


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