I would say a year in the chastity cage is not enough. Two is better, but three is a magic number. This is not to say that the cock never comes out of the cage in extended cock bondage, it does. I am a firm believer in checking the health of “my” cock, each and every inch. This is the time for a tease. As I handle the cock, I tease it making my slave very uncomfortable. I take the opportunity to order him to his knees and give me some edges. How many determines how long he has gone without an orgasm. I must be very careful to make sure an orgasm is not slipped out, not even a ruined orgasm. This is not in the plan.

While he is out of the cage and being examined, I get him up on my massage table on his hands and knees to milk him and drain his balls. This is very humiliating as my gloved finger opens his ass and I insert the milking toy. I move it around in circles and press on his g spot until he spurts. He wished I would stroke his cock at this point but that is not what a Femdom would do. Nor is he to do it, ever!

After the milking I have him clean it thoroughly and he will wash the area clean. The area is re-shaved to perfection and quality controlled with a magnifying glass.He looks at me for mercy. No mercy, he is going back into the cage without a second thought.

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