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I like having interactive fun when doing calls with those who like impact play and spanking fetishes. So I got to thinking how much fun a spanking wheel would be. A roll of the dice, spin the wheel, and whack away! Thanks to the internet, playing Miss Brighton’s (that’s me!) spanking wheel game is super easy!

Impact Play – The Spanking Wheel

The way it works is super simple: You spin the wheel, and whatever the arrow lands on is what you have to spank and how many times you have to spank it! Interactive and full of surpises, because you never  know what part of your body you will have to spank, or what I will make you do in addition to having to spank yourself and entertain me. That’s what makes the wheel so much fun, and so evil, because my wheel, is wicked!

Spank More Than Just Your Ass!

Now I did say you had to spank yourself as part of this game, but I did not say what part of your body, and as I hinted, you will be spanking more than just those cheeks! Making your ass cheeks rosy is only the beginning. If I were really evil I could make you spin a cock slap wheel, or a thigh spank wheel. Do you know how much thigh slaps sting when you hit JUST the right spot? I want to mark your entire body as my territory with my femdom spanking wheel, are you brave enough for impact play? Call me at 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Brighton.


Mistress Brighton

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