Mean Mistress Rachel, Slapping Balls on Phone Sex Calls since 2010! 1-800-356-6169Sometimes one must be cruel to be kind. You know that, don’t you? Every form of discipline is meant to help you become a better submissive.

Oh, I don’t mean to suggest that the corporeal punishment, denial, training, and humiliation you undergo for Me doesn’t also serve to amuse and arouse Me, but it all has a purpose that benefits you as well. Sometimes, the benefit to you is more overt, that’s all.

Take, for instance, those of you with premature ejaculation problems. Most of the time, I’m content to let you wallow in your inadequacy. Often, O/ur fun together involves disallowing you from touching yourself at all, since once you squirt, both My fun and yours comes to an end (post-shameful squirt punishment notwithstanding).

But I’ve discovered over time that those of you who think your problem is intractable, often haven’t submitted yourselves to CBT training for the purposes of staving off that ill-timed dribble. And I’ve also found that more often than not, it works!

You only THINK you can’t edge for Me!

“Miss Rachel, I’d love you to control my orgasms, but I’m a premature ejaculator!”

Well, there’s always the chastity cage, quick-draw McGraw. But that’s not the only way you can Mean Mistress Rachel, Slapping Balls on Phone Sex Calls since 2010! 1-800-356-6169give over control of your orgasms to Me! You simply need to do the following:

1.) Tune in to your body: You’ve gotten so used to giving in to your undisciplined cock and balls that you probably think you don’t even have a cycle of arousal and orgasm. But you do. Pay attention to how it feels in the mere seconds (for most of you) it takes to go from throbbing to squirting. I feel that if you pay attention, you’ll find that there is a change in sensation between the two.

2.) Realize that sometimes “no pain, no gain” goes for Femdom sex play and submission as well! Open your mind to a bit of discomfort. Don’t worry–all it takes is a bit of mild, uh, redirection to stave off an untimely orgasm. I save the more serious stuff for the serious pain pets. So trust Me, and understand that a little CBT might transform you into a much more useful pet!

And you want to be a useful pet, don’t you?

That’s what I thought.

Click the banner below, and I’ll tell you how I employ CBT to help you overcome that problem you only thought was insurmountable! You’re still not worthy of fucking Me, but you can be a better play toy just the same!


Miss Rachel, Slapping Balls on Phone Sex Calls Since 2010!


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