You know that thing in a Western movie where the hero walks in and they ask him what’s his poison?

Imagine that I’m your spain or pleasure 800 356 6169exy bartender, asking you what’s your poison. Pain or pleasure? Which one do you prefer? And do you know the difference? Have you ever felt the exquisite pleasure of edging for hours on end, only to have it twist in your stomach into a pain that cannot be described? Did you like it? Because I certainly do…

Sometimes I get in the mood to make your pleasure into a trap.

I had someone recently asking me about the fine art of the mind fuck, and it came to me as I explained it to him that I really, really fucking love a good mind fuck. I love to mess with your head and take apart all your expectations and assumptions, turn them upside down, and drive you just a little bit past where you thought you could go. The line between pleasure and pain is an especially fun place to play. The difference between pain or pleasure is so thin and fine, and it’s so easy for one to become the other in our minds… of course I have to fuck with it!

You may say you like pleasure more than pain, but I bet I can give you some pain you’ll enjoy.

pain or pleasure 800 356 6169On the mild end of the scale is the pain of edging, that rapidly becomes the pleasure of a delayed orgasm. From there we have the joy of a nice firm spanking, mid-fuck. The sting that heralds the endorphins that transmute pain into pleasure, blurring the line between the two, and leaving you gasping for air. And then, of course, there’s the more extreme forms that pain or pleasure can take, which I’ll leave to your perverted and glorious imagination.

What’s your poison? Pain or pleasure?


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