Men always talk trash about how a woman needs to keep their dick happy. In the Ebony Femdom domain, though, you better keep my pussy happy, and I don’t give a damn about your dick. If you want to please me, and you want pussy privileges, you will learn and learn fast that your dick comes last, if you cum at all. You may start by learning your place, which is with your head between my thighs. You properly serve an ebony Queen, with good facesitting skills.

Keep My Pussy Happy

I know men with big dick energy, who get breakfast in the morning, dinner at night, and me riding their face for dessert. Followed by me screaming their name if they know how to work the dick, and have something to work… with. I don’t fuck small dicks, the majority of my boyfriends have been black, and hung. If you want pussy privileges, and you don’t fall in that category, you will have to be providing me with some damn good pussy eating, to start. Your tongue and maybe your fingers, are what interest me, because I enjoy receiving head, and a man who knows his way around a pussy.

Ebony Facesitting Tips

The first tip I have for potential pussy lickers, is to start slow, and avoid going straight for the clit. You have to warm a woman up, before you go for the gold. Use your lips, and tongue, and if I permit, your fingers, to do just that. Second, be prepared to give me more than one orgasm, before you get a gold star and a pat on the back. My pussy requires long, and strong, lip service. And if that pussy is not dripping wet, when you’re done, you get nothing. Need more tips and tricks, a more detailed instruction on how to properly get me off, can be had by calling me for femdom phone sex. The number to call is 1-800-601-6975 and the name is Willow. I’ll be talking to you. Duchess Willow

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