I’ll be the first to admit that being a little sadistic gets me really going. It’s so exciting that sometimes I forget how much fun sensual domination can be.

The thing about sensual domination is that it doesn’t have to be any less intense than strict domination. You can be fully in control while dominating your partner in much nicer ways. In fact, I dare say there’s little difference in the level of intensity.

See, the best domination is all about overwhelming a partner with pleasure. What’s pleasurable to you isn’t pleasurable to someone else–but both partners will feel the intensity of the pleasure similarly. When you learn to overwhelm with pleasure, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re spanking and punishing or stroking and edging. Either way, you can drive a man to the edge of madness. Sensual domination can control you.

As a mindfuck Mistress, I love to be in control of your emotions. I’ve learned that intense pleasure is just as overwhelming as intense discipline.

Either way, when pushing you to that point of being overwhelmed, you’re sure to become addicted to the way I manipulate you. I don’t have to make you fear me to make you awestruck of my power.

When you understand that I have watched you, listened to you, have gotten to know you on such an intimate level–when you understand that I’ve gleaned things about you that you don’t even know about yourself–you will respect what I can do to you and for you more than you can imagine.

And for me, both sensual and strict domination give me what I crave: the feeling of power that comes from pushing your buttons and pulling your chain. It’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned!


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