I promise I’m worth the wait!

One of my latest enjoyments is edging you until you can no longer see straight and you forget your name. When you begin to beg for release and I have the power to grant or deny your orgasm, that is an incredible rush!

You know how it feels, when the time it takes to get to an edge is about three slow strokes, when the cum begins to climb up your shaft, when you’re right there on the edge of cumming? Imagine me telling you no, I want you to edge more. I want you to become more aroused. I want you to have MORE CUM in your balls! It’s a struggle obeying, denying yourself and delaying your orgasm when all you want to do is let it all go, but it’s worth it. Would you rather hear me appreciatively compliment you on your control and determination to please, or would you rather hear disappointment in my voice?

Besides, learning to control your orgasm not only pleases your Mistress, but it makes you a better lover. Think of it as conditioning to please all of the women in your life.

Not to mention, orgasms are so much more intense when you edge over and over again. I know you’ve had enough of mediocre masturbation. You’re ready to become a man and learn to take it to the next level. So when you’re ready to be put through your paces, when you’re ready to sweat and work for your orgasm, when you’re ready to please someone else more than yourself, give me a call. I promise I can make the wait worth it!  

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