Dominant Femdom Types

Ages ago I read a book by Mistress Lorelei called “The Mistress Manual”. It is available online for free, and I highly recommend it for newbie Dommes and submissives who need to learn proper protocol. The chapters are about Femdom archetypes and the one I address today is “The Glitterati” which was me when I first embarked into the magical and mysterious realm of Femdom.

The Glitterati

I was a Glitterati who shopped at The Stockroom for tight dresses of rubber to hug my slender body. All of my toys and implements of torture and domination were bought then and treasured even now. I always demanded that boys who played with me have their own toys or buy me their toys of choice. I had a Mistress mentor, Ms G, who shared her submissive husband with me. With them, I learned the art of caning and Governess style role-play.

A Glitterati is a Goddess who is dressed in high BDSM fashion. She may have gotten her start as a vamp in school, as a tease and a bitch who was always dressed to the nines. She is the Mistress of Goddess worship who really does not need to lift a finger. Many were in history if you think about it, not regarded as Femdom at the time. Glitterati has a new meaning in the millennial scene these days.

Eventually a Gliterrati will become bored with the scene and disappear, but sometimes not. Should she decide to stay as I did, she will become a very popular Femdom in the play scene. She will be expert in using her gear because she studies it diligently collecting slaves and submissives. In other words, a Glitterati grows up to be a Femdom Mistress experienced and powerful.

I like to use my experience of now and of then in my phone sessions to bring intense life to my phone clients. Hitting the scene when I do, fortifies my intent to keep it fresh. My commitment to Femdom is real nature: love what you do!


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