A Slave and a Pet

It’s not just the rubber pet mask that makes the objectified slave sweat, it’s the whole rubber suit that causes discomfort. Slaves who love this kind of domination also have a love for pure discomfort. It’s ok, Mistress is amused, and as long as “it” is allowed to drink copious amounts of water, “it” will be just fine.

Objectification does not limit itself to rubber animal suits, human furniture is a dominant order designed to get a slut on his knees as foot stool. It can also be a coffee table who had better not fidget because it may spill a glass of wine or tip over an ash tray. Punishment! Speaking of an ashtray, we have a fetish called human ashtray, also known as the smoking fetish. There are so many categories of objectification domination.

Pet Play in Objectification Domination

The rubber pet is a favorite because the rubber suit is elegant and sexy depending where you get it. The rubber pet head is a work of art. A collar added with a chain leash is delightfully intimidating. The slave will spend much time on the floor chasing a little black leather ball. It will hump its dominant’s leg and get punished. It will chase and catch a squeeze toy; a party favorite.

A whole cult is formed around types of pet play objectification, including the elaborate equestrian outfits the slave wears, right down to the leather saddle. It requires the dominant to know a bit about horsemanship. The Femdom wears sexy riding gear, especially black leather riding boots with spurs of course to help “it” on its way. Objectification is a genre well loved by me.


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