Taken & Hooded

We open the door to the van and pull him out. He’s shackled at the wrists and ankles. A dark cloth hood is tied over his head. He hasn’t seen a thing since we took him from that parking garage. My Femdom partner cut off his clothes while I drove here. Now here he was, hooded, naked, scared, disoriented, and no idea where he  is. It doesn’t matter because he’s never leaving. He’s led to a concrete room in the lower level of the building. Cold, damp, and windowless, this dungeon will be his home now. The hood is removed and he’s overcome by the depravity of his surroundings. My laugh echoes off the concrete walls, drowning out the sound of my partner attaching a heavy metal collar and chain to a steel ring on the floor.

In Captivity

We release his arms and legs. His first instinct is to test the collar and chains, but he quickly learns he isn’t going anywhere. His next thought is on the length of the chain. He looks up in despair when he realizes the chain isn’t long enough to allow him to stand. His desperate gaze is met with a sharp open handed slap from my hand. “Look at the floor slave!” I command and his eyes cast downward. “I think we should remind him where he belongs, don’t you?” I say to my partner “Indeed” she replies. The chain is unlocked and then re-locked so that the slave can only lift his head a few inches from the floor. I stride over to him and plant my stunning stiletto heel directly in front of his face. “Kiss me good night, boy.” He hesitates “Do I have to slap you again” And slowly he leans over and plants a good night kiss on my heel. “Get some sleep, boy, your training starts tomorrow.”  

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