BDSM phone mistress, femdom phone mistress

You can trust me to keep your secrets!

Here you are, checking out a Domination Phone Sex website. I’ll bet your family and friends would be shocked if they found out you were submissive.

I, on the other hand, am not shocked at all. You’re totally the type of man who seeks a dominant woman to treat you the way you long to be treated. I know that you don’t really want to be treated like a king; you wanted to be treated like a serf, a servant. You want The Queen to look down upon you and size you up. The Queen knows all of the ways you’ve been found wanting, and The Queen knows all of your shortcomings. She abhors your laziness and your sloppy thoughts. She hates how self-indulgent you are. The Queen knows you are meant for much better things.

You are meant to be a highly valued servant. You are destined to be her valuable slave. Your worth lies in your service.

It’s time to stop lying to yourself and to everyone else. You can do better, but you need help. It’s okay to need help, but it’s not okay to pretend what you’re doing now is okay. So here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to stop all the bullshit and bluster. You’re going to admit all of your submissive thoughts and fantasies. You’re going to confess your need for domination. You’re afraid you won’t measure up, and you’re afraid you won’t be able to “cut it.” You can’t do it on your own. You need the right woman to teach you how to serve her.

I am your ideal Dominant Mistress. I am YOUR Mistress. Stop running and turn yourself in today.


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