Domination Fantasy

So, you’re wanting to be dominated by a woman, eh? Is this a new fantasy for you? Or one you have harbored since the first teacher rapped you on the knuckles with a ruler.

Well, if this is a new thing for your imagination, for me, I would introduce domination to you more gently than cruelly.

I would love to cradle you in my arms, your head against my breasts and tell you I am your new boss. I am the one who will direct your masturbation times and rituals. I am the one who will give you a schedule of when to eat and sleep and go to the gym. I will give you exercises to do that make you think of me, like wearing a rubber band around your wrist at work and snapping it every hour on the hour. Or perhaps having you eat with your non-dominant hand. Just a few things that would make you think of me throughout your day.

Obey Mistress

And as you begin to obey more accurately, more often, then I can move to more… dramatic… ways of dominating you.

Like having you bind those balls during a call. Especially if we can Skype, I would love to *watch* you bind them for me. Feel me grabbing your balls, making them my own… gently still, even lovingly, seducing you into more compliance with my dominating wishes. You would do that for me, yes? See how you are falling under my influence already? HAHA!

Dramatic Domination

By the time you are fully in my dominating grasp, I can begin to ask you to do things that are even more dramatic and watch as you fulfill them for me. I could have you grab a wooden spoon and smack those balls a dozen times while you count and thank me for dominating you. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

So if you are new to the domination game (and it IS a game), sometimes easing into it is the way to go. As a more sensuous Mistress, that tends to be my way. Maybe it is also yours?


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