Pick a fetish, any fetish, your fetish! You had it in mind before you called. You want to role play this fetish with an adept Mistress. Chancesare you have done this fetish in real time or have dwelled in this fantasy for many years. Chances are both. My forte is chastity training and all forms of electroplay but I am not confined to that. I have done all forms of role-play both live and in person and on the phone with you.

Phone Domination Mechanics

The best way to connect with the right experienced Femdom is research. She may have the same interest in the same thing. You will know her when you see her or read her. You then send the email or call her on the phone.

Roleplaying: Because this is phone domination, an intuitive connection plays a major part in the success of the role play. Visualization is easy because you are a male. Having hot photos in front of you adds a cherry on top. To have maximum pleasure on a role play, be sure to have plenty of lube for cock stroking pleasure. Be in the mood, watch porn ahead of time and tie up your balls if that is your kink. The best role plays start with a male who has been on orgasm denial for awhile. Saving up semen makes for an intense blast. Request being watched on webcam if you are an exhibitionist.

Exhibitionism: A sissy loves to show her outfits. Prepare a fashion show for Mistress to watch with all favorite things. A cock stroker can exhibit his agility by hooking his feet in the headboard and then squirting on his face. A chastity slave can lock and unlock on cam proving to his Mistress he is locked and chaste. The possibilities are endless with a webcam. Riding dildos, employing a whip, CBT, all things possible.


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