Your Agony is My Ecstasy

The sixth month has come. Everything is a secret. “When will I cum?” you ask. ” don’t know,” I say. It’s fun keeping you in denial, especially when you beg and plead for release. I like you this way, I tell you, in agony. Your agony is my ecstasy, I carry it along further the more you plead.

Cock and Ball Torment

Days slip by without a word of information from me. You wonder if I have decided. No, I have not given you a thought but on second thought, no. You can make it further and you do it for me. I am your Mistress. I own your cock. Today we play on the phone and you will tie up your cock and balls tight. You will give me multiple edges and if you even come close, the ice pack comes out and you are denied again. You snap the rubber bands around “my” cock upon demand.

Strict Orgasm Denial Means Your Cock Suffers

The lubricant comes out of the toy kit and it has been named “the denial bottle” since it is used for no orgasms allowed. The dreaded denial bottle, yes. Sometimes you really want to throw it in the garbage and just stroke your cock till it cums over and over again. There are times when this captive cock suffers. You had better not because you only have a few weeks to go….so you think. Not this time Mistress says, you can go a little longer. Give me your personal best. Come to the next edge and I will decide…How does seven months sound?


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