I know you NEED to serve me

This is part three of my 6-part Mindfuck Meditation series February blog hop. This is a special series of masturbation trance audios designed to enhance your submission to me.

I know once you experience this meditation, you’ll need to devour the whole series. I have all the details about how to listen to all of them on my blog: Guided Meditation February Mindfuck. I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy part three, so here it is:

Mindfuck Meditation, Part 3:

Obedience is the best way to show your appreciation for all Mistress Piper does for you. Obedience is how you show your love for your Mistress. Obedience is how you show your sincerity to your Mistress.

All of the words you use to describe your feelings for your Mistress are good. I love it when you express your devotion and your affection with words.

Your actions are so much more valuable than words, though. Your actions are more than things you say to make me feel good. Your actions show me you are willing to give me real parts of yourself. What you do shows me you’re willing to take your time and use your energy to serve me.

When you use energy and time to serve me, I know how you truly feel. I know you want to be close to me. When you do as you are asked, I feel happiness. When you obey your Mistress, I feel joy. When I see all you’re willing to do to serve me, I know you want to be mine.

And, more than anything, I want you to be mine. I want you to belong to me.


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