femdom domination phone sexThis is part two of my 6-part Mindfuck Meditation series February blog hop. This is a special series of masturbation trance audios designed to enhance your submission to me.

I know once you experience this meditation, you’ll need to devour the whole series. I have all the details about how to listen to all of them on my blog: Guided Meditation February Mindfuck. I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy part two, so here it is: Mindfuck Meditation, Part Two: You’ve lived your life in bondage to your desperate need to be dominated. This need has wrapped around your ankles and has tripped you up. Your hands have been bound behind your back. The ropes of desperation have hog-tied you and made you feel helpless, hopeless. You’ve looked everywhere for a woman who did more than just see who you are on the outside. You’ve exposed yourself in the hopes that someone might take the secrets you’ve offered and treasure them–only to be disappointed over and over and over and over again. I’m sure at times you’ve thought what you wanted was impossible. You were asking too much. You resigned yourself to a life of repression, a life of hiding, a life of pretending to be something you’re not. Today you understand that the need that has tangled around your feet is now satisfied. Your feet are free–free to run, free to wander. You feel the tingling of freedom in your feet, you feel the satisfaction of a desire that has been satiated. Today you know the bindings that had your hands tightly shackled are now loosened. They fall off your hands. Your commitment to me frees your hands to touch, to caress, to adore. Your hands feel exuberant because they now serve me, and they have a joyful purpose. The desperation that made you feel hopeless vaporizes and disappears, like the fog in the warm, yellow, morning sun. The light illuminates you and ignites the passion in your newfound mission. Domination by Mistress Piper is sweet. Mistress Piper’s domination makes you free. Mistress Piper understands what you need. Mistress Piper gives you what you want. Mistress Piper is what you want, and what you need. (Don’t forget to listen to this meditation via the link below!)

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