I want to spank your ass and make it red. It needs redder the better, and with you on your knees begging and pleading, please Mistress, mercy! I say no way. Suffer and enjoy where this goes.

Hurts so Good

My favorite spanking toy is the English Tawse because of the clapping sound it provides. It hurts too! Your pain is my pleasure as always. I love old school Mistress. I love Governess. I love to imagine myself in a wooded area with my slave gathering up switches freshly cut and ready for sadistic pleasure. Tighten my corset please.

I love the riding crop and the smell of it’s leather used on you and never a horse. Hope I choose a purple heart shaped end. Suffer your pain. After that you need a rattan cane of course. The end is the best of all. Bested with my leather hand, spanking your ass with a smile on my face. I love to spank. My hand makes the intimate contact on your sweet spot. That area between the ass and the thigh. Don’t you love that? Of course you do slut!

After your ass has been reddened you are on your knees ready for the last round. You will be blindfolded and held without will. It’s time for more spanking with a wooden brush. The finale is to slap your ass with my strap on, and the very last is the strap on in your ass for the last pleasure. Where does this lead? You must know it leads to feminization at the highest degree!


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