Electro Gadgets Galore

Don’t you love what your Mistress loves? Of course you do. They are gadgets after all, and slaves love all kinds of gadgets. Chastity cages, shackles, CBT toys, and of course tens units, violet wands, electrode insertables and anything that buzzes! So many new electro gadget have been designed and manufactured.

I won’t go into brands here but I will tell you my very favorites. The tens unit with pads and attachments is very popular, especially if there are multiple settings that thump and wave and roll. Mistress can apply a blindfold and surprise the slave with so many variations. The anal electrode is fun in combination with the urethral probe. What do you do while being shocked? Enjoy bondage, mummification, or anything Mistress can imagine. The box can be remote too, surprising you at any moment.

Mistress’ Favorite

The violet wand has a place in my heart. Speaking of hearts, you can use it above the waist without danger. Metal nipple clamps meets violet wand gives the most delightful benign shock. A metal chastity cage shocked with a violet wand electrode too is most enjoyable. It does not hurt but it is theatrical. Add water or mummify a boy in rubber until he sweats adds a little more pain with pleasure.

Try an electro rolling drum with a neon wand and power tripper excites me, or any Mistress for that matter. The thing about electroplay is it creates a crowd, so slave boy has nowhere to hide. He is there on display for all to see!


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