Girlie bois have the hardest time finding a Mistress in real time to fulfill their needs for a relationship. Through my experience I want to share just why.

What we look for is reliability, decisiveness, attractiveness, and impeccability. You must obey according to the rules of Femdom, in other words female leads in the relationship. At a Femdom munch sissies come and go. many present themselves as flakey bimbos and these bois are never considered. Who is considered? The stable and serious transgenders, the gender fluids, the sissy servant, non-binary, cross-dressers (depending if Mistress enjoys the challenge of a slut).

Femdom looks for domestic servants who serve tea professionally and create canapés for the monthly tea party. Femdom looks for foot care beyond massage and spa treatments. A talented chef is always desired. Above all Femdom looks for a submissive male whatever gender term goes with it, as long as he/she is submissive and willing to be the subordinate in the relationship.

My dream gurl? Rich, submissive, pretty, subservient, with great talent as mentioned above, faithful, endowed when I decide to ride her, with a great sense of humor, knows fashion, and eager to attend play parties where I can show her off. Most importantly, negotiations must be met and adhered to. She will be in the care of Femdom, no long distance ever. Her pretty pink bedroom awaits, and she will listen for the Femdom service bell at any minute.


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