Who says CBT cannot be performed via phone sex session? If you have the toys, my strict voice will instruct you. Often times live sessions are not preferred or cannot be managed. Live sessions are very expensive and phone domination is affordable and effective. I will give you a list of toys to have for your phone session:

A Ball Buster Paddle: Made of wood, 16 inches long
Trailer Hitch Big Rig: A cock ring and butt plug combo
Acrylic Ball Crusher: Looks like a nasty mousetrap with a hole for the cock to escape. Comes in s/m/l
A Neoprene Ball Stretcher: Exactly what it is. A ball stretcher.
Kali’s teeth Chastity Device: Ouch!
Weighted Ball Stretcher
Parachute Harness
The Humbler: Advanced

These can be purchased at The Stockroom, all in stock. CBT is especially for pain sluts who love to have their balls tortured to the point of pain and beyond. Toys are designed to do this without destroying those precious jewels. I will guide you along in a very safe way.

If you are on a budget, home found pervertables are an option. Are you good at rope bondage? Thin rope creatively laced with weights added to the bottom, wrapping up the cock and balls snuggly is pure beauty. An empty milk jug can be used , filled at intervals. Get a utility clamp to fasten both ends.

Rubber bands around the cock, rulers and spatulas for slapping, clothespins on a real of the cock and balls are most effective. An ice pack to soothe and to make numb, a wooden brush, a bath brush, document clamps found in a stationary store.

On your next shopping trip to a hardware store or a stationary store. Look at their supplies creatively. In search of CBT home made toys. Soon, possibilities will unfold and you will be ready for a call. I will happily, gleefully guide you to pain and pleasure!

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