Suspended Sensory Deprivation Domination

Come into my dungeon, slave. This is how I order you. First, every strand of hair is removed to make a nice little canvas for me to create on. This rubber suit which has zippers everywhere is your size, it is sexy black. It has hidden zippers under zippers to keep you safe and secure. It has zippers on the mouth, eyes, and has tubes for breathing. It is strong and will not tear when I put you in a harness to suspend you and deprive your senses.

I have another kind of zipper for you too. Before I make use of the metal zippers which will make you snug, I will give torture with the wooden clothespins all strung together forming a lovely necklace on your chest. Two will be sure to make contact with the nipples. I may even make use of your inner thigh should I decide to. Clothespins on your tongue and lips and I ask you important questions. They are slapped off with a riding crop. How dare you not articulate properly. I toy with your necklace and pull the cord. I love the sound of the clothespins pulling your skin.

Have you had enough torture for now? Are we ready to zip and deprive. Yes we are, and you will not see one speck of light. The breathing hoses are your touchstone to the real world. Don’t panic. Mistress is here. You are being hoisted in the pulley in complete suspension. The suit is methodically zipped. Your breathing tubes are functioning, and you panic when I squeeze them closed for a moment. Then I begin to swing you after the eye slits are zipped closed.

Stereo headphones are placed on your head. Would you prefer Mahler?


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