Foot Worship

My feet are very much in tune with foot worship since they are very sensitive, happy to be pampered and worshipped. It of course depends on what kind of session it is. These feet can trample too, being cruel and enjoying doling out pain and cruelty.

Cultures around the world favor foot worship such as India and the Middle East especially. Women’s feet are fetishized and worshipped over other parts of the body. What makes foot worship such a turn on? Is it because those feet are at the very bottom? Walk barefoot and dirty? A bottom feeder, the lowest.

Humiliated by Feet

Pushing my feet in a slave’s face is humiliating to him, his tongue working between the toes after a long sweaty gym session, working in the shoes and socks to add to the fetish. Aroma, foot, and shoe fetish is a heady combo. A slave slapped across the face with my feet. Tying my feet to his face with my toes in his nostrils adding humiliating bottom feeder dialog is very effective. So many special effects for successful foot fetish play.

Foot Admiration

On the soft side, foot massages with fragrant oils are most desired along with a pedicure. A pedicure is watched carefully assuring that the slave puts on the polish carefully. There will be punishment if he does not. A shoe cleaning and polishing will be scheduled frequently so slave can indulge in the aroma of the boot and shoe. The athletic shoe is especially delightful.

The admiration of the pampered foot adorned with polish, toe rings, right after an exfoliation scrub, can be the finale to a satisfying foot worship session. Perhaps if Mistress is feeling generous, she may let the slave stroke and cum on her feet, eating the cum, cleaning the foot, and then dismissed to do domestic service.


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