Love Versus Desire

Is it just me or have you also noticed that there are so many men out there who rarely marry strong dominant Goddesses whom they desire? Instead, they seem to prefer and gravitate to more conventional women. Many of these matrons will ultimately discover, to their surprise, that over time, their love lives dwindle and become mundane at best, if not stone cold and extinguished. I think Freud himself said it best in describing these types of men: “Where such men love they have no desire and where they desire they cannot love.”

Vanilla “Jane” Versus the Femdom

If only that plain, vanilla Jane could somehow transform herself into a Domme…she would have a sex life that always remains red hot and horny. You see, most men are really pussies when you start to peel away the onion layers. Men are easily intimidated by beautiful, strong, dominant females and that piques their desire for sexual play…but simultaneously heightens their fear of being emasculated which serves to keep them at a safe distance…more often then not covertly ogling unsuspecting women while holding a pair of binoculars with only one hand, if you get my drift!

Slave to Desire

If you are reading these words, which obviously you are, you know exactly what I am talking about. Your denials at this point are useless as I have known enough men to know what I say is true. Your fears fuel your perversions and you are so often a slave to your own desires.

You lay in bed awake wondering if only you could find a female supremacist whose happiness would come from torturing and tormenting you. That is the type of woman you desire and fantasize about whenever you have the opportunity to masturbate yourself at home.

Feeding your hungry insatiable cock is how you spend a good part of every day. You need a calendar at times to keep track of when you can pleasure yourself by fantasizing about a Mistress. But speaking to a Mistress can be intimidating so you hesitate. This is not just another conflict for you but a test of your courage and curiosity. I get it…it’s not easy to face at times.

Nevertheless, here we are. Do you have the gonads to call this strong, dominant Goddess? I suppose time will tell big boy.

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