Be Ms. Piper's submissive anal slut!

Your Ass Belongs To Me!

Let me ask you this: How many women have seen your asshole? My guess is you haven’t been showing it off all over town. After all, you may have sent a dick pic, but you’ve never sent a butthole pic!

Have you given your ass over to your domination phone Mistress yet? If you haven’t, then it’s well past time to do so. Just go ahead and bend over, spread those ass cheeks and show her that elusive asshole. Did you know that when you’re excited it’ll pulse and wink at her? Oh yes!

My favorite way to anally dominate is by claiming the ass as mine and mine alone. This is often done by requiring some time spent plugged during the day while going about your daily routine.

You will wear an anal plug for a few hours while you’re at work. You’ll really love how deep it feels while you’re sitting on it at your desk!

You will need to keep your plug well-lubricated, so every thirty minutes to an hour you’re required to go to the men’s room and reapply your low-class lube, or non-petroleum jelly (made from vegetable oils rather than petrol by-products).

Of course, you’ll have to be VERY careful not to apply too much, else you’ll risk a very unfortunate wet spot in the seat of your pants that won’t go away!

It’s so sexy and sensual to feel your Mistress’ ownership of you in spaces she’s normally not present. Imagine your ass clenching that plug while your boss is discussing next month’s objectives!

You owe it to me to please me with all you have, and what pleases me is making you my anal masturbation slut!


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