The smoking fetish is a peculiar niche these days. It is made taboo by the medical community and for good reason. As I watch noir movies, not one actor is cigarette free. The screen siren billows smoke from her matte lipsticked mouth and you imagine her blowing it your way into your face, delighting her as you cough. With phone sex domination you get the thrill of being an ashtray without the burns, that is if you are not smoking.

To be a smoking fetishist is to be a pain slut and masochist. It is painful and often permanent. Perhaps you need the dragon fire at your disposal to excite you. Are you up for a human ashtray role-play? Muster up some saliva and get ready. You will need it!

Some worthy toys for this fetish are cigarette holders, a gas mask, an ashtray gag, your mouth, and water in a spray bottle for safety. One slave I met had no nipples left but we will not take you this far. Just the sound of a cigarette being lit is enough to send a smoking fetish slave over the edge. The sound of a Mistress exhaling smoke as well. A gallery of smoking Mistresses is a popular theme. Get them ready before your domination call.

Imagine Mistress lounging in her vintage outfit billowing and giving you orders. On your knees and look at my mouth. Smoke blown on your cock is a smoking fetishist’s idea of a blow job. Add a pair of toeless high heels combining smoke and shoe fetish. Kneeling next to Mistress with an ashtray gag is your place in her universe. Does your cock need attention? How about a hot ember. Now for the gas mask. That will surely make you quit.

It can be a very versatile method of domination. When you see a Goddess dressed in vintage smoking a cigarette you dream of being the smoke slave for her pleasure. She will walk past you with her slave in tow with his ashtray gag affixed. You wish you were him, don’t you?

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