Miss Rachel Will Walk All Over You! 1-800-356-6169And you love it!

You have a fetish for heels, and a love of dominant women. You love to offer a visceral display of your abject devotion, of your utter submission to both Me, and My stilettos. You even long to experience a bit of discomfort, or maybe more than a bit, to prove your love. You’ve said you worship the ground I walk on.

Well then maybe you should BE the ground I walk on!

The thought of that made some subbie out there twitch in his pants.

Worship My heels with your tongue, and I will reward you by tattooing their imprint all over your body!

You’re prostrate before Me, the appropriate position for respect and worship. My openMiss Rachel Will Walk All Over You! 1-800-356- toes are right in front of your face. I will give you the privilege of kissing each toe delicately before you polish the leather around them with your tongue. Don’t be shy–you know I like to see the whole pink flat of it taking long licks up and down the sides.

Now turn over on your back. I want you to look Me in the eye from way down there as I tower over you, preparing to give you the object of your most depraved desire: the sensation of My heels digging into your skin as I walk all over you.

I’ll leave a mark of My presence over each pec, almost like a kiss, before stepping onto your abdominals. You’ll tighten them if you know what’s good for you, but My balance is impeccable, so if you don’t, you’ll be the one who loses as I sink in.

I’ll send a new kind of tingle up and down your spine!

The prints of My heels will be Our version of a love bite, and no area of your body will be neglected. Put your hands out at your sides so that when I step off of you, having traipsed all the way down your shins and back, I can leave a single heel hickey in the center of each palm.

Miss Rachel Will Walk All Over You! 1-800-356-Then you’ll turn over, so that I can enjoy both your grunts and the symmetrical design I make on either side of your spine. Just as you did with your abs, you’d better tighten those ass cheeks as I mount them in a different way than you’re used to! Then down the backs of your thighs, your calves, and on the way back up I may just see whether I can leave a hickey on the inside of your asshole.

Aren’t you spoiled? It’s not every slave who gets this kind of undivided attention from Mistress. But I know all your most depraved desires, and am sometimes feeling generous enough to indulge them. This is the type of assignation between U/s the evidence of which you will be able to savor for days until the marks fade.

Do you long to be tattooed with the imprint of Miss Rachel’s stiletto heels?

Well, Her heels are definitely made for walking!

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