D/s relationship, boundaries, communicationWhy You Should Communicate Your Boundaries

Some submissives believe that submitting to a dominant means they must forego their own thoughts, ideas, opinions, suggestions, and boundaries, but that is simply not true.

Here are some reasons you should put forth your boundaries as a submissive…

No dominant can read your mind.

In fact, no one at all can read your mind or somehow just know or guess what you want, need, think or feel; therefore, it is up to you to convey to your Mistress who you are as a submissive and how you desire to be dominated.

You’re human, and all humans have boundaries.

In every single role each of us plays in our lives, we have boundaries. There is NO person on Earth who has no boundaries or is willing to “do anything” for another person. To profess having no boundaries is being in denial or simply an untruth.

We all have thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, preferences, and boundaries. That is being a human with a mind of your own, which you have whether or not you are submissive.

Expressing boundaries is not topping from the bottom.

Within the D/s relationship, expressing your submissive boundaries is NOT topping from the bottom. Clear communication is never topping from the bottom.

Laying out your desires and boundaries within any D/s relationship in which you engage is establishing the playing field, ensuring your Mistress knows what YOU feel and perceive to be domination, and giving specific permission for another person to dominate you.

It is within those expressed boundaries that I have complete freedom to dominate you as I wish.

Stating your boundaries helps your dominant be more prepared.

Claiming no boundaries does NOT make it easier for someone to dominate you. In fact, it makes it more difficult. Making your boundaries known lets me know what boundaries you have that are negotiable (soft boundaries) and those that are strictly off limits (hard boundaries).

Knowledge is power, and power is precisely what you want your femdom to have, isn’t it?!

Putting forth your boundaries helps you get your submissive needs fulfilled.

If you want something, the best way to get it is to ask for it, and that goes for your D/s relationship. If you leave everything to chance, you may or may not get the submissive experience you want to have.

Sharing your boundaries helps your D/s relationship grow.

Forging any relationship requires communication and honesty if that relationship is to grow and succeed; that includes opening up about your personal dos and don’ts. This is the only way people can ever really know and learn how to treat each other with openness, trust, respect, and acceptance. It’s the only way a relationship can progress to deeper and richer levels.

…And a D/s relationship is no different!


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