anal domination

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I’m offering you a choice. A different kind of big black cock, than the one you are obsessed with. Black men, there’s something about them, isn’t there? The way they walk, their confidence, the big dick energy they exude. Do you know who else has big dick energy? Me. My big black cock is superior to even that of black men, and I’m going to show you why you need my big black cock, and to experience anal domination with a Femdom Noire.

Anal Domination with a Black Femdom

anal domination

Virtual Mistress Willow 1-800-539-4566

Femdom Noire translated from French, literally means “Black Femdom.” And the reason my cock is better than that of a black man, is because unlike a black man, who uses his prowess and swagger and cock sized to hold dominion over you, I use my seductive charms, and the advantage that no matter how big “his” black cock is, I can assure you that mine will always be bigger, harder, and thicker. Envision yourself on your knees before a glorious, glowing ebony Goddess, and then visualize her harnessed, girthy appendage. Sure, you might say I was not born with one, but I see that as a plus, for me. Because as a woman I can choose whatever cock size I want to fuck you with. And as a woman I receive pleasure from both fucking you and hearing your moans of ecstasy, and from the base of that lovely big black dick, rubbing against my clit, while I’m mounting your ass, and climax in ways men can only dream of. Why is my big black dick better? Because women do everything better than men, you know it is the truth. We outfuck you, outlast you, and control you, because you are weak.. not to mention incompetent.Femdom Noire

Sensual Anal Domination

While most men rut and hump away at whatever hole they’re filling, a woman likes to take her time and tease you, and fill you with want. Where men are more animalistic, women are sensual and erotic, even when we make you ache. Since you are so obsessed with big black dicks – yes, white man who watches cuckold porn all day, I’m talking to you – why don’t you consider that the dick you’re so infatuated with, belongs to the inferior sex. If you really want to be dominated by a big black cock, a black woman Femdom will give you an experience you had not considered. That experience can be sensual, or humiliating for you, depending on your desired effect.

It makes no difference either way to me, because the other avenue of Femdom I hold power in, is that I’m always going to enjoy fucking you, and get far more out of it, than you are. Orgasmically: Dominant. Mentally: Dominant. We can roleplay that you begged and begged your beloved to allow you to suck big black cock for her, be cuckolded by her, and when she finally agreed, it was on her terms, and she made you submit… to me, as punishment for thinking you ever had any control. And if it’s the taste of cum you crave, you will be allowed to ejaculate all over my Domme dick, before I sheath it in your thrussy. If you don’t know what a thrussy is, there is much we have to talk about.

If you’re ready to begin, I invite you to experience the power of Femdom Noire, anal domination. 1-800-539-4566 is the number to reach me if you would like a phone session. I am, however, a virtually exclusive Mistress at Enchantrix Empire, so if you wish to dive into my depths, you can join me for a virtual session. My big black dick awaits you.


Duchess Willow


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