Sometimes You Need A Strict Mistress

Your need to be submissive is a confusing thing at times. It hardly makes sense that a man like you would have an intense desire to be dominated by a woman.

Chances are very good that nobody would ever guess you like to be controlled and manipulated. Nobody would really ever guess how much time you spend fantasizing about it, reading about it, and masturbating thinking about it. You’re not the kind of guy most people have pegged for a wimpy submissive dude, are you?

Which is exactly why you don’t feel comfortable talking to your wife or girlfriend about all of these thoughts, urges, and NEEDS you have. I strongly suspect she fell in love with the “other” you–the one who prepares presentations, persuades clients, and generally gets shit done.

So if you can’t talk to the woman in your life about all of these obsessions, who can you talk to? Are you doomed to suffer in silence?

Of course not! Domination phone sex is a safe, discreet, and SATISFYING way to have your need for domination met while keeping the impact on your personal life to a minimum. You can maintain your privacy while also talking about all of those thoughts and feelings that keep you awake at night.

Is it normal to want a woman to take control and use you? Are you a loser if you want a woman to control your cock? What if you can’t stop thinking about wearing women’s clothes? Does craving humiliation mean you’re mentally ill?

The benefit of speaking with a female domination specialist is that in many cases she has had thousands of hours of experience speaking with men just like you. You can finally get your answers, and you can finally feel what it’s like to get your needs met!

Don’t believe me? Give it a try! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain when you gather up your courage to call for domination!


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