[See Part 1 here and Part 2 here] It has been a month since I snapped that cage into place, making orgasmic satisfaction for you a thing of memory and fantasy. Those first two weeks were sooo entertaining – you whined, you begged, you threatened, you even tried to break the lock with wire-cutters. But now look at you! Every morning you deliver a bedside cup of coffee exactly the way I like it and offer me an “oral awakening”, which you administer with great enthusiasm and selflessness. When I come home from work, you remove my shoes, rub my feet and calves, and ask me what I’d like for dinner. You are so much better at taking care of me and my pussy now than you ever were before your introduction to chastity.

I’m feeling very benevolent towards you tonight. I’ve decided that you deserve a special chastity treat. Ahhh…I can see how you’re struggling not to get your hopes up – you have indeed learned a lot about being a submissive man. Tonight I’m going to milk your prostate. All you have to do is get yourself naked and lie on your back. Now pull your knees up to your chest while I get this strange little prostate tickler all slick for your anal comfort. Relax everything inside while I gently push this in…twist it a little…ah there you go. See? See that bead of pre-cum oozing out of the tip of your caged cock? Just wait…and there it goes, dripping down the tip and onto your balls. It’s a steady trickle already – you must really be needing this. Although this is a far cry from an actual orgasm, it will actually make you less irritable and cock-obsessed for the rest of the week.

Oh my, this puddle keeps growing. I don’t want you leaving a wet patch on these beautiful silk sheets you were smart enough to buy for me after that laughable attempt to cut off your cocklock. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue – I want you to lick your gooeyness from my fingers. After all, household cleanliness is amongst your duties as my chaste houseboy…don’t make me punish you for making a mess. I promise you, it won’t taste this good.

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