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I let you stew over your denied orgasm for over an hour while I run a very relevant errand. The look on your face when I walk back into our bedroom, where you lay still handcuffed, is priceless – you’re fighting an internal battle between annoyance and curiosity.

“I got you a present.” You recognize the name of the adult toy store on the bag and you light up with expectation. Sigh…expectation has already caused you no end of trouble tonight.

I rummage in the bag and pull out two cockrings; I slip on one and then the other, eventually settling on the smaller one. Once it’s snugly in place, I curl up under your arm and let you feel my deceptive softness press against you. “Sweetie, can you unlock me? This is really uncomfortable,” you pout.

“Of course…though you’ll be trading locked hands for locked…something else.” I make sure you can’t see what I’ve sneaked out of the bag and at first you think I’m just stroking your cock with something fun and mysterious – until I scoot down and you hear a little click. “Alright then, let’s set your hands free.”

It’s so hard not to laugh when you catch your first glimpse of your new chastity cage. That’s right – locked in a tube and only I have the key. You are so horrified at this monstrous device that you hardly notice that your hands are free.

“From now on, either your cock will be locked up or your hands will be locked up. I own you, darling. Exceptions will only be made when I find favor with your efforts to please me in all areas of our life. Now get that look off your face – it’s not like I cut it off! And you did ask me to dominate you…” I laugh wickedly.

Control his cock and you control the man…such a simple lesson, isn’t it.

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